1. Have an established business and now you want MORE - more impact, more reach, more time, more freedom, more quality, and more money.
  2. Have a decent amount of interest in your brand, but you want to upgrade, improve, and refine every piece of your business to match your bigger vision

Ultimately, you want to...

Reach and Make Millions™

Then Keep Reading...



  • It’s not (just) about starting a business and working your ass off
  • It’s not (just) about getting some clients and making some money
  • It’s not (just) about figuring everything out on your own and hoping shit works

It's About Leveraging What You've Created That Already Works
And Scaling It Ten-Fold



But Who The Hell AM I?

I am Katya Sarmiento and I work with holistic entrepreneurs and coaches who are committed to making a bigger impact and a bigger income. Coaches who know that the only way to do this is by working SMARTER, not harder.

I am a business coach that specializes in technology who wants to help you

Reach and Make Millions™.

I teach business strategy and tech integration to coaches who don’t want to go through years and years of trial & error and trying to figure this shit out on their own - but still want to enjoy the benefits of growing their business, having more time, having CONSISTENT results, and making more millions ;)

Having started a business at 8 years old... What? Doesn’t this Big Biz Tycoon game count?

In all seriousness, having started ReachAndMakeMillions.com at 18 years old - I dropped out of college, quit my full-time job, and made it my mission to make sure every holistic entrepreneur and coach I meet gets to live a joyful, abundant, and freedom-focused life because of their thriving online business.

I’ve taught and supported hundreds of coaches world-wide on how to find their niche, get clear on their message, build an audience, create a website that works, write copy that converts, build a list of loyal fans, market and sell authentically, set up systems, hire a dream team, and more.

I have personally grown Reach and Make Millions™ by 185% in the last year alone and continue to spend hours researching, learning, and implementing business strategies and new technology - so that YOU don’t have to spend the time, money, and energy doing so.


I have successfully mixed business strategy and tech integration to...

  • Have the time, money, and location freedom to travel and work from where ever I want, whenever I want.
  • Make an impact and change the lives of my clients and audience.
  • Have clients coming to ME, asking to pay me and hire me on the spot. And I didn’t even have to “convince” or “discount” my services
  • Create a website that draws clients in, excites them to sign up for my newsletter, entices them into working with me, and makes it easy for them to do all of the above.
  • Make more money while working less - (think “make money while you sleep” kind of deal).

It's Time For You To See Results

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In reality...

  • I am an entrepreneur. I am constantly thinking how to strategically improve, upgrade, or refine any process and am always problem solving or troubleshooting challenges.
  • I am a tech nerd, tech guru, tech expert, tech goddess - I’ve heard it all. I grew up being on a computer 24/7 and I know how to teach technology in a way that’s fun, easy, and simple to understand.
  • I say it how it is - no BS. I can't hold in my truth, or the truth I see in others. I am always coming up with new innovative ideas that are more aligned with the TRUTH - whether that's my truth, your truth, or the true vision of a business.

I believe...

  • that every holistic entrepreneur and coach can have a thriving online business
  • that joy and ease are possible when running an online business
  • in self-care and self-mastery being the #1 priority
  • in balancing work and play
  • that everybody deserves wealth, freedom, and love
  • technology is a CRUCIAL part of business
  • in infinite love and gratitude
  • that everybody has a purpose, a message to share, and a truth that cannot be hidden.
  • it’s time for all of us to step into our spotlight and shine
  • in thriving, not surviving.

I want to live in a world where...

  • spiritual psychology is taught in all schools - elementary through college
  • each person’s first instinct is to “give” and “love
  • honesty, joy, play, and freedom are highly valued
  • everybody is abundant and has enough
  • perfection doesn’t exist and “busy” is not part of our vocabulary
  • self-care and self-mastery is a priority
  • everyone is free to do whatever we want, whenever we want
  • people are lit up, doing what they love, spending more time with family or having adventures, and getting paid very well for it

My Super Power is...

Being able to see the bigger picture (think long-term vision and planning) and create an action plan that’s authentic and aligned with YOUR truth and purpose, and is simple to implement (with the help of technology).

I’m also great at organizing and systemizing ANYTHING.

Oh, and I always know “an app for that” - seriously. Ask me for any app, resource, or recommendation. I can come up with something pretty quick. See for yourself...

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