5 Steps To Connect Your Payment Platform To Your Automated Emails (Video Tutorial)

So you've got your product set up on Paypal (or another payment platform), and now you're trying to figure out how to deliver the product via email and follow up with your customers...

Connecting multiple platforms can sounds impossible, but with 5 simple steps and an amazing integration tool called Zapier, we can get this done TODAY! 

Check out the video below where I walk you through the exact steps for setting up your payment platform with any email service provider, using Zapier.

(If you already have this Zapier setup, and you need to figure out how to set up the flow for multiple products, I run through that at the 8:20 mark)  

Don't Know How To Use Zapier?

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01:15 -- the tools you need to do this

01:50 -- creating a paypal button for your product

02:30 -- having your automated email sequence ready

02:50 -- how to deliver your products & downloads with an automated email

03:15 -- how the flow should work when someone purchases your product. What's the first email they get, and what's possible with your automated email sequence after that? 

04:25 -- creating a thank you page or "cancelled purchase" page for your product (+ ideas for when somebody doesn't complete the purchase)

05:15 -- what you need to have ready before working on Zapier

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05:25 -- creating your first "Zap" on Zapier + connecting PayPal

06:20 -- connect your email service provider - ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign, Mailchimp, etc.

06:30 -- ConvertKit: add a subscriber to a tag VS adding a subscriber to a sequence + working with ConvertKit automation to add a tag

07:45 -- adding information from Paypal to your email service provider (in this video tutorial I run through ConvertKit but all providers have a similar process)

08:10 -- testing the Zap process

08:20 -- what to do if you have multiple products on paypal 

11:20 -- watch out for this! (really, be careful with this and start with ONE product)

12:00 -- when to add filters to your Zaps (if you only have one product, you don't need to do this)

12:20 -- adding the paypal button to your SquareSpace site using HTML Code

12:40 -- how the entire process should look (final run-through)

12:51 -- an example of multiple products and Zaps being filtered from one of my client's Zapier accounts

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Need It In Writing?

Step 1

Set up your product on a payment platform. Paypal, Gumroad, Stripe + MoonClerk. Anything that integrates with Zapier works.

Step 2

Set up your email sequence. I show ConvertKit but you can use anything.

The first email has the deliverable. The second email can be a follow up to hold them accountable and explain more about the product. 

Step 3

Set up a Zap connecting the purchase to the email sequence.

Step 4

Set up multiple products using FILTERS in each Zap you create. Make sure to copy and paste the button / item name exactly.

Step 5

Add the payment button to your site and start selling!

I'm excited to see all of your sales pages and automated email sequences set up and being sold! 

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