Case Study With Amanda Reuters: The Secret to Scaling a Business

Have you ever felt like a hamster on a wheel? Legitimately exhausted and overworked, but never making any actual progress past where you were last week, last month, last year?

That’s exactly how one of my clients felt before we started working together.

Meet the amazing Amanda Reuter, a blogger, a mother, and a children’s mental health counselor. She created her popular blog, Dirt and Boogers, after leaving her job in 2010. Amanda blogs about parenting and motherhood with a focus on resolving parental anger and self-care. Her philosophy is that by feeling better about your parenting, you can be a better parent for your children.  

Recently, my team interviewed Amanda to learn more about her struggles and dig into how we worked together to improve her workflow and free up some of her time to grow her business. Let’s take a look at some of the problems Amanda had before, along with some key takeaways that you can apply to your business.

Grab this list of powerful takeaways from our case study with Amanda Reuters of Dirt and Boogers!

You will probably see yourself in Amanda’s story. Amanda is like a lot of blogger entrepreneurs—she wants to be a valuable resource to her community. Her focus is on creating quality content that educates, entertains, empathizes with, and ultimately empowers her audience.

The problem?

Amanda was bogged down with systems. Just like a lot of you out there, she used a lot of different systems together, trying to make them work.

Amanda shares, “I felt like I was using duct tape to make everything fit together and work the way I wanted it work. But things were falling through the cracks.”

Although there are a ton of great systems available to support your business, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when trying to find the perfect fit. More times than not, you’ll have to force the wrong combination of systems to kinda sorta work.

By the way, here’s a post I recently penned on choosing the right tools for your business. Check it out if you’re beginning to feel the early signs of tool fatigue.

Anyway, the truth is that simplifying your workflow will bring clarity and harmony to your business, as Amanda discovered shortly after we began working together.

“(Katya) helped me find better systems for my brand. So, I was able to streamline things and make them work a lot easier and quicker for my readers and for me.”

Initially, Amanda was referred to me because she wanted help with the technical side of her business. However, it soon expanded to a weekly call where we set a plan and focus for the week ahead.

Amanda shares, “I talk to (Katya) on Mondays and she just gets my week started off on the right track.”

“(Katya) gives me a purpose throughout my week and really helps me hone in on what I need to be working on. And I just really appreciate that.

“Sometimes… I jump around from project to project, and she’s really great at keeping me focused.”

This accountability helps her to feel empowered. Amanda explains, “I really wanted to start working on my blog and on my business instead of really in it, so that I can actually start delegating and working on the big picture stuff, instead of the day-to-day kinds of things.”

One major block that stops entrepreneurs from successfully scaling a business is being overly involved in the minutiae.

“I was just doing the same stuff every day and not really getting anywhere,” Amanda shares.

Sound familiar?

The big picture often clashes with the minor details. It’s hard to focus on both at the same time. Amanda found that having a partner helped her grow her business.

“(Katya) has helped me delegate a lot of those tasks out so that I can really focus in on the long-term, big picture stuff,” Amanda says.

“Since I’ve started with (Katya), I’ve launched two new products… I grew my email list by two thousand people…. The systems (Katya) put in place really helped bump it up.”

Here’s Amanda’s parting advice to other blogger entrepreneurs like her who want to get out of the weeds and grow their businesses:

“Katya has just changed my outlook on my whole brand. She’s helped me see the big picture of everything I can do and expanded my view point on where I can potentially take my business.

“Like I said, I was kind of stuck in the day-to-day grind and wasn’t able to focus on the bigger stuff. So, she’s helped me actually be a better entrepreneur and business person instead of just a blogger.”

Thanks, Amanda!

To learn more about Amanda, check out her blog, Dirt & Boogers: Nurturing the Seasons of Motherhood.

And if you’d like to get off the hamster wheel and overhaul your business to make it work for you, I can help. Let’s talk.

Don’t forget to grab this list of powerful takeaways from our case study with Amanda Reuters of Dirt and Boogers so you can get off the hamster wheel yourself!


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