Case Study With Michael Cinquino: Take Your Business to the Next Level

Does this sound like you:

You know enough about technology to sorta kinda get started. But what you don’t know is how to fully maximize your tech tools so that they work for you—and not the other way around.

That’s the very issue one of my clients faced when we first started working together.

Meet Michael Cinquino, all-around superstar. Michael does it all. He’s a trained actor with both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in acting. He’s also a celebrated photographer in New York with over a decade’s worth of experience (and a beautiful portfolio). And, because being on video is an essential part of marketing yourself online, Michael launched a coaching service to help everyday Joes and Joans like you and me feel more comfortable and confident on camera.

Whew! He’s a busy guy.

My team recently caught up with Michael for an interview discussing the unique problems he faced and how Michael and I worked together to create a solution that resulted in his successfully launched on-camera consultancy.

Grab this list of powerful takeaways from our case study with Michael Cinquino.

Drawing from his 10 years’ experience as a professional photographer, Michael has a passion for empowering others. “What I really do is inspire the best in others when they happen to be in front of my camera. So the goal is to inspire the best in others when they don’t have to be in front of my camera,” he shares. “I really help people overcome their fear of the camera.”

Michael does that by helping his clients use photos and videos to attract what they want in life—whether that’s the ideal job, the ideal client, or the ideal mate. According to Michael, “No matter who you are and what you want, you have to be on camera.”

So, it made sense that Michael and I first met each other through a camera, specifically on a Periscope broadcast. Michael shares, “We developed a friendship. The more I got to know her, the more I wanted to work with her.”

What started out as a collaboration eventually turned into a coaching relationship.

“So, I hired her as a coach!”

What exactly did Michael need help with?

Michael wanted to implement the right systems to extend his reach and exposure, such as website design and email capture.

“Katya has helped me tremendously already with all of my backend systems,” Michael says. An example? “I use InfusionSoft for email capture so she’s creating backend systems (and funnels) for that.”

Michael continues, “I have enough knowledge of all these systems to understand what they do and to be able to do a little bit on my own… but I don’t have the skill set to really leverage these systems. That’s what Katya does.”

Michael’s list of needs included:

  • Create a new website for his on-camera coaching service at

  • Build an email list to reach and serve as many people as he can with his message

  • Use email marketing for the ongoing education of his subscribers

We helped Michael by setting up systems to accomplish all of the above. “[Katya is] a systems expert,” he says. “She has really outstanding backend technical expertise.”

An additional perk for Michael is that I’m both his target audience and his coach. “It’s a one-stop shop, which is incredibly valuable.

“The thing about Katya that’s so valuable is that she’s only really good at what she does, which is systems and coaching, but she’s also my avatar,” Michael shares. “So, when I ask these questions like, ‘Hey what do you think of this?’ if she doesn’t like it, I don’t do it because she’s the person that I’m serving, which is a huge help.

“She’s genuine. In the world, there’s a lot of bull**** and people just out for themselves. Katya is not only wildly talented, she also cares equally for her clients, and has a real passion for what they do,” Michael shares. “I will say, [Katya] is wildly invested in her clients.”

“She’s not a kind of coach that’s like, ‘Hey, you’re gonna do what you’re gonna do, and I’ll give you information and if you don’t use it, the heck with it.

“She really invests in her clients and she makes it a point to work with people that turn her on as much as she turns them on. And that’s rare. A lot of people are just willing to work with anybody and they don’t really care if their clients are getting results or not.”

Michael’s final thoughts?

“She’s fantastic, I love her!”

Aw, thanks, Michael! The feeling’s mutual.

If you’d like to learn more about Michael and apply for his amazing one-on-one on-camera coaching sessions or join his super insightful on-camera academy, check out the details over on his site by clicking here.

Don’t forget to download this list of powerful takeaways from our case study with Michael Cinquino.




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