Do you keep pushing or do you take a break?

So I’ve spent all winter avoiding the colds and flu going around... aaaand finally got sick this week 😂

The last time I remember being sick was maybe about 2-3 years ago at a trip to California

And I remember when I used to get sick, I’d push through it.

I’d work anyway. 
I’d take medicine just to mask the symptoms. 
And I’d ignore what my body truly needed.

I don’t know about you, but I love my work and I hated “taking breaks” lol.

So I created a system. 
(surprised? 😂)

When I get sick, I now know exactly what heals my body quickly and what prolongs the sickness.

For example, I woke up yesterday morning feeling the first signs of a cold. So I slept in and rested longer than I normally would.

I drank soups and plain foods. 
Took the natural herbs & supplements I’ve found that heal my body
And I’ve spent most of my day reading.

Yes, I still did work - but I didn’t over do it.

I allowed my body to rest and relax.

I allowed myself to find enjoyment out of “taking a break."

I’m not saying “if you get sick, drink soup and take natural supplements”

It’s more than that.

A system isn’t some formula that I can just give to you and it magically works for you.

No matter what anyone says, it’s just not how it works.

The truth is, what works for me may not work for you.

The truth is, systems take a lot of work to develop because they need to be made for YOU.

The truth is, any time a system isn’t working, it’s your responsibility to rip off the duct tape, remove the faulty foundation, and replace it with a solid, concrete foundation.

Working myself to the bone, doing the “hustle and grind” of entrepreneurship, when my body was clearly signaling for rest and healing, was not working.

I had to rip the broken foundation of my belief that “working harder” meant success.

I had to remove the duct tape I called a “to do list” from my business and get clear on what would really hold things together (and to my surprise - it didn’t require as much work as a to do list did)

I had to change my response to “taking a break” from frustration & anxiety to enjoyment & nourishment.

Most of all, I had to stop listening to all outside sources telling me how I should heal my body, and learn to distinguish within myself what my body needed & healed from vs what it didn’t.

This is all about my health and getting sick, but this extends to everything in your life.

This is how I work in my business.

This is my process with clients.

And it’s the number one reason why I never answer the question “what system do you think I should use here?”

Because that’s simply the wrong question.

The right question is this...

After careful consideration of who you are - your values, behaviors, beliefs, thoughts, mindset, circumstances, situation, and everything you’ve created thus far - what systems do YOU KNOW you need?

I always source my answers from my clients

Because they’re 100% guaranteed to be right every time

Whether they’re aware of that knowledge or not 😉

I’m just here to pull it out of them and help create those systems.

Anyway, just my random musings for the day.

I’m gonna continue reading my book & allowing my body to heal ❤️


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