How do you know when you need systems?

How do you know when you need systems? 🤔

I get asked this, literally, on a daily basis.

And here's my answer...

It's not a matter of how much money you're making or how "established" you are. That tells me nothing.

I see people making millions of dollars, but lacking any sort of system and feeling burned out constantly.

I see people that are absolutely broke, but have been in business for 20+ years and lack systems as well.

It's not the revenue, the years in business, the type of business, none of that.

It's your bandwidth.

(whaaaat?! *eyes glaze over*)

Let me explain lol

Think of it like internet.

I pay $80/mo for unlimited GBs of internet data usage. Cool.

Usually, I can have my laptop, gaming PC, xbox, my cellphone, and my boyfriend's cellphone using the internet at the same time and it runs well.

Add my boyfriend's laptop, a friend's laptop, and a friend’s cell phone and the internet starts to slow down for all of us.

Add more, and the internet just starts to cut off completely.

This is bandwidth.

How many devices can my internet handle at a time?

This is also an important thing to factor in when scaling, but that’s a different post for a different time lol.

As humans, we tend to think "oh I have 24 hours of the day, so I have 24 hours of bandwidth"

And that's where people go wrong.

Your time is a resource you have. Yes.

But it’s not an indicator of whether you need systems or not.

Usually when people tell me they "don't have time" I can probably find 10 extra hours in their calendar where they're eating shit and not being productive.

Cut out Facebook, emails, and your cellphone for a week and see what happens ;)

No, bandwidth isn't about time.

Time is important, but not the answer.

Kind of like the amount of data I’m paying for each month is important, but when there’s too many devices connected to the internet - it doesn’t matter anymore.

Wanna know what this is really about?


I can hear it already

“OKAY so how do I manage my energy!? How can I systemize my energy? How can I…”


The thing is, everyone's energy is so different, we just can't measure it.

So how do I use this as an indicator for systems?

Well, back to bandwidth.

Usually when business owners need systems, they're feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, burned out, stressed, the list goes on.

They feel like they have way too much to do.

They have their hands in all the parts of their business.

They're doing all the things, all on their own.

Even if they've hired team members to help, there still ends up being way too many responsibilities on their plate.

Their sleep may be affected - going to sleep thinking about shit that didn't get done, and waking up feeling like they barely rested even if they got a full amount of sleep.

Their personal life is affected - because the first things that go out the door when trying to do #allthethings are having 3-4 meals a day, hanging out with friends and loved ones, and going to pee WAY before your bladder needs to burst.

Little things like this add up every day, until...

"I just can't take it anymore"

THAT is bandwidth.

When I’ve connected way too many devices to my internet, more than it can handle (and honestly I have no idea how much it can handle - it changes every night) — it stops working as well as it’s supposed to.

When you’re doing way more in your business & personal life than you can handle — you stop working as well as you’re supposed to.

And if you’re specifically doing ALL the things that DRAIN your energy, lacking boundaries, unclear of your priorities, and with no systems at all…

You just stop working. Period.

Projects are procrastinated.

Details fall through the cracks.

Life feels like a rollercoaster.

And the sad thing is that A LOT of entrepreneurs are tolerating this stuff every day, without bothering to think “oh wait, I don’t want to operate like this anymore”

When I talk to people, it's not a revenue problem, or a lead generation problem, or a sales problem, or a time / productivity problem.

It's a lack of systems problem.

Because they're tolerating shit that's draining their energy.
(Things that could’ve been systemized a loooooong time ago, by the way)

They're maxed out, tapped out, and their business is chaos.

That’s really it you guys.

So how do you fix this?


Audit your energy on a daily basis.

Can you think of a moment where you were working on something and didn't even notice the time go by? You got it done so easily, and faster than anyone else could... Because you LOVED every second of it?

Yeah. That.

That's called flow. And that's reeeeally good for your energy and bandwidth.

And for getting stuff done ;)

Now, how often do you actually experience that flow on a daily basis?

Are your days full of absolute pleasure and joy in what you do? Time passing by quick enough where your work days feel like minutes, but you still happen to get everything you wanted to do, done?

Where the words "I don't have time" never come out of your mouth.

And "I don't want to do this" isn't a thought that crosses your mind.

And you fall asleep every night, satisfied, fulfilled, ready to rest.

Then wake up feeling energized, motivated, excited to get started.


Is that the complete opposite of your reality right now?

Then pause for a moment and ask yourself “what, right now, is draining my energy?”

And then do something about it.

Systemize it. Automate it. Delegate it. Delete it.

Whatever you have to do, go do it.

Because, here's the truth.

You don't need to tolerate ANYTHING that drains your energy.

You don't have to do anything you're not excited to do.

Your to do list doesn't need to keep growing.

You don't have to stay up past midnight and wake up at 4AM.

You don't need to do any of that crap to be successful.

You can create whatever life you want AND have a successful business AND have an amazing team to support you AND have more profit than you've ever had AND scale to 7-figures AND work less AND travel AND spend more time with your friends and loved ones AND work on passion projects AND do whatever the fuck you want.

Get the point yet?

So if you're feeling at max capacity.

In chronic chaos.

Absolutely depleted.

But STILL telling yourself you "need to keep pushing"

You “should do…”

You “have to…”

I call BS.

Take a step back,

Really look at what you're doing to yourself

And decide,

Does it really need to be this way?

Or can it be different?



More enjoyable?

More efficient?

More of what you want?

Because didn't you start this business to have more freedom in the first place?

Stop pretending everything is fine and “manageable”

And start making some changes.



Before it’s too late.
Before you burn out.
Before you drop the ball & disappoint people.

Because you know you’re close
And you know it’s gonna happen sooner or later.

Don’t let it get to that point.

This is your wake up call 💥



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