6 strategies to increase conversion rates on your tripwire offer

In last week’s post, we introduced you to the concept of the tripwire. Tripwires are one of our favorite ways to increase revenue without having to do very much work. We even talked about how you probably have a tripwire offer ready to go and you might not realize it. 

So if you haven’t read last week’s post yet, we recommend reading it first and then coming back to this one, because before you can start to optimize your tripwire, you want to make sure that you actually have a tripwire in place and have a clear understanding of what the tripwire is and what it can do for your business.

But having a tripwire isn’t enough. You need to make sure that you’re optimizing said tripwire so that you can increase your conversions to the highest percentage possible. Everyone always talks about how passive income is making money while you sleep, and it can definitely get to that point, but you want to make sure that before you get comfortable resting on your passive income laurels that you’re optimizing your conversions so you aren’t just making money while you sleep, you’re making as much money as possible while you sleep. 

Because while making 50$ with no effort beyond the initial setup is nice, making 100$ is literally twice as nice. 

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Tripwires can convert up to 15% of the time, so for every 100 people that opt-in to your list, you have the potential to make 15 sales. If you’re converting at less than that, your tripwire probably isn’t converting to its fullest potential.

Split test the tripwire

As mentioned in our introduction to tripwires, split testing your tripwire can help to boost conversions. Split testing is essential because it can tell you a lot about what types of words, phrases, and styles of pages and offer your customers like. This is important not only for creating future tripwires, but also your future offers in general. 

If your audience likes minimalist design with lots of text, you’ll want to keep that in mind, but if they like minimal amounts of text and lots of design, that’s important to know. Knowing what your audience responds to from a text and aesthetic perspective is as important as knowing what it is that they need from you most. 

If you’re getting a 1% conversion on one version of your page and a 5% conversion on the other, stop split testing and have the higher converting option be the page that you use and then analyze why the page that converted at a lower percentage didn’t convert as highly.

Change your offer copy

Sometimes, all that’s needed to go from flatlining to soaring conversions is to change a few words in your copy. If your positioning is off even a little bit or if you use words that don’t connect to your ideal client, you could be stopping them from purchasing, which would be awful because we have no doubt that your tripwire offer could be really helpful to them.

A helpful tip to see what words your ideal client is using is to “copy stalk” them. Copy stalking is where you go into Facebook groups, forums, etc. where your ideal client can be found and see how they’re describing their own problem. You can save their words in a google doc and when you’re writing a sales page, you can pull directly from that.

Use Video

According to CISCO, it’s expected that 82% of all consumer traffic on the internet will come from video by 2020. This means that it’s time to start hopping on the video bandwagon if you aren’t already there. Video, whether live or pre-recorded, provides a greater trust threshold because the consumer can see you, hear how you speak, and form a human connection with you in a way that written copy just can’t. 

Forbes broke down how body language can help you to determine if you’re losing your sales prospect, but by following the principles in this article, you can be sure to seem more friendly, inviting, and open to your potential customers, which will invite them more easily to make the sale.

Get your free checklist with 6 strategies to improve your tripwire conversion rates.

Retargeting FB Ad

Next week, we’ll be talking about a case study of how we increased conversions at a lower CPC for our client, Jess. One of the most important strategies in the ads world is to retarget. This means that if someone sees a particular page - in this case your tripwire page - but they don’t see the thank you page for purchasing, you can show them an ad that encourages them to buy the product. Not every customer is going to pull the trigger right away, but when re-presented with the product again, they’re more likely to purchase (remember, most people need 7-12 touches before they go ahead and click the purchase button). Retargeting is an effective way of reaching those people again.

Deploy urgency

People need help making decisions. Urgency is one of the best ways to help them to get there quickly. You can put an expiring countdown timer on your offer page so that your prospective consumer only has a limited amount of time to make a decision before the offer goes away. You can find expiring redirect timers on the internet, or if you use ClickFunnels, it comes built in for you already!

Money back & keep the purchase guarantee

One of the easiest ways to get someone to purchase is to diminish the risk almost down to zero. Creating a “money back and keep the purchase” guarantee is one of the easiest ways to do that. This helps people feel safe and secure in their purchasing decision, and honestly, as a business owner, it always builds good will and trust if you’re confident enough in your products to give them their money back.

In order to avoid those people who immediately purchase and refund, make sure to include an implementation clause into your guarantee. One of the biggest areas where people falter is on implementation, which isn’t on you, that’s on the customer. So be sure to let them know that if they implement the content and don’t see any measurable results within 30 days, then they can e-mail you and keep the purchase. This will drastically cut down on your refund request.

*NOTE: This guarantee is what has worked for us but understand that the above is in no way legal advice.

Which of these strategies are you going to implement today in your business to increase conversions on your tripwire? 

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