Case Study: How we lowered Jess Guidroz’s ad cost from 24$ a conversion to 4$ (with more targeted leads)

At Reach and Make Millions, we mostly focus on the systems and tech with our 1:1 clients, since we love helping 6 & 7 figure entrepreneurs get out of tech overwhelm and automate their systems and processes with technology that’s going to help them grow their business.

But occasionally, we break out a few secret other tricks we have up our sleeve: In this case, Facebook Ads. We don’t offer this as a standalone service, but we can manage our clients’ ads for an add on fee.

That’s exactly what we did for Jess. Keep reading to hear about where he was when he handed over his ads management to us, the results that we achieved with his ads, and what we’d do differently.

If you’re looking for a rundown of how Facebook ads work, then you can find our post on that here

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Jess Guidroz Wellness: The Backstory

Jess has been working with us for a few months and he’s an excellent holistic wellness coach. Jess believes that healing happens not only by changing the food that you eat but also improving your relationship with yourself and others and viewing his clients as a whole, not as one specific “problem” to be fixed.

He especially helps people who aren’t healthy now to establish healthy habits in all areas of their life, so his client has either never been in a healthy, stable environment and needs a major life overhaul, or they’ve done all the right things in the past, but kids, marriage, work, etc. has caused them to fall away from focusing on themselves and maintaining their health.

Jess is an extremely compassionate and caring person who is really driven by the motivation to help his clients be happier, healthier people. 

How we were helping him before we started on his FB ads management

We were helping Jess with the launch for his amazing 12-week program, Thrive Academy. He had already run the program once with stellar client transformations and was looking to bring it to a bigger audience but needed help with his tech. So we got him set up on WebinarJam, ClickFunnels, ConvertKit, and all the other systems that he’d need not only for this launch but also for the growth of his business in the long term.

His ads were being managed independently by a Facebook ads manager outside of Reach and Make Millions. When he came to us his webinar ads were converting at anywhere between $8 and $24.78! Ouch! Both of those numbers are generally too high and should be turned off immediately. Try another strategy. Only in very specific circumstances would you expect to see those kinds of low conversion rates at a high cost.

Our first step was to immediately turn off all of those ads so that we could see what had gone awry and how we could fix the situation.

What went wrong

Marketing to a warm audience that wasn’t actually primed for his product

Jess has only started building out his social media profiles recently. His coaching for the most part has happened in an offline setting with people that he would meet at the wellness workshops he hosts monthly or through network events.

His ads were being run to a warm audience of people who’ve liked his Facebook page. In theory, this is a good strategy, but only if you have a large following on your page or you’re running a campaign exclusively for people who like your page so they have some sort of competitive market advantage vs. other buyers (ie: A discount on a course or service).

In practice, running ads to around 400 people was not resulting in conversions, particularly since a lot of the people who liked his page had either been through the program before or were not interested in a digital group program - they wanted in person 1:1 or group services.

Wrong targeting for his ideal client

As I mentioned above, Jess’ client is someone who isn’t healthy right now, either because they’ve never made their health a priority or because life happened and their health took a backseat.

The targeting groups above, with the exception of the Essential Oils group which could have a more general target range, are all targets that would be perfect for someone with an audience of fitness buffs. Since Jess’ program isn’t meant for people who are already caring for their body, their mind, and their soul, his webinar topic naturally didn’t appeal to them so they weren’t really opting in to his list.

What resulted was few leads to an expensive audience that didn’t really need or want his product.

What we did to turn things around

Although as Director of Operations, my portfolio usually focuses on our internal organization growth, affiliate programs, and providing project management support to clients rather than intense tech work, ads management is one of the few tasks that I still do on a regular basis for clients because I genuinely enjoy doing it and I have the best understanding of the ads manager and power editor on the team. So here are the exact steps that I took with Jess to switch his ads story.

Met with him 1:1 to discuss his ideal client

It’s my firm belief that you shouldn’t be managing anyone’s ads if you don’t have a clear understanding of three things:

  1. Who their ideal client is
  2. What problems their client struggling with
  3. What is it that their client wants

These three pieces were completely lacking in the original ads that were put out, as evidenced by the strange choice in targeting.

Sitting down with Jess allowed me to know who his ideal client was for Thrive Academy in detail. I knew what their story was, why they had fallen off of the health train, why it was the right time for them to turn the spotlight back on themselves and what they were looking for right now (to get their zest back for life and rediscover their identity - see, that’s not health related at all).

That allowed us to decide to target a completely different group of people: we focused on women over men as they’re more often the primary caregivers in a home, they were between two specific age ranges, and they were struggling with different problems.

Targeting interests catered to his ideal client

Since his clients were searching for answers about how to be more inspired and satisfied with their life and NOT necessarily looking to improve their health, we targeted well known authors in the self-love space as well as a few larger known figures in the mom blogging and vlogging community.

Examples for you if you happen to be in this same niche: Gabrielle Bernstein, Danielle Laporte, Blogilates

Wrote copy specific to the target group’s needs

Since Jess had two audiences (moms with toddlers who were old enough to be left next to their moms so they could exercise and empty nesters) that had very different needs and were at very different stages in their lives, I wrote copy and created bright, vibrant images that attracted both of the groups. 

I cannot stress this enough: You cannot talk to different clients with different motivations using the same copy. What a relatively new mom cares about is different than what an empty nester is going through. Trying to create generic copy is going to result in poor conversion rates.

Set up a test set of ads & monitored daily

I set up 10 ads initially with a low budget of $5.00 per day and let the ads run for 72 hours. Any ads that weren’t converting or were converting at above $5.00 per day were turned off. This left us down to four ads, so we increased the budget to 10 bucks per day on each of the ads and let them run.

About halfway through, two of the ads started decreasing in effectiveness, so we turned them off and maintained two primary ads with a slightly higher budget, both of which converted at around $4.00, which is a much better number.

The Results

Before working with us, Jess had gotten about 30 leads over the course of a week in total for an extremely high CPC (cost per conversion) result. 

After working with us, he added over 130 leads to his list in less than 2 weeks with less money than he’d paid in a single week. The quality of lead on his webinar also improved. He had an increased show up rate with prospects who were excited about what he had to offer and felt like the content of his webinar was exactly what they were looking for.

How we’re going to improve for the next set of ads

Primary FB Pixel is collecting website data

Jess’ traffic to his website is increasing daily, so we installed the default FB pixel to collect data about who’s visiting his site. This way, we’ll be able to run retargeting ads and create lookalike audiences so he’s targeting the people who are actually interested in his content and people similar to them.

This should lower Jess’ ads cost the next time that we run ads for him because traffic to a warmer audience generally converts at a much lower price point since the audience already knows you. Audiences are much more likely to opt-in for a webinar or freebie from someone they know than someone who’s completely foreign to them.

Jess didn’t have this in place prior to working with an ads manager, but I added this in for him to his site so that he has more aggregate data to pull from in future ads campaigns.

Get a free 10-minute video tutorial showing you how you can create and install your base Facebook pixel on your website!

Use retargeting & lookalike ads

As I suggested above, retargeting ads are much lower in terms of conversion costs because you’ve usually got a pre-established know, like, and trust factor with the person seeing the ad.

Lookalike audiences are the next best thing. As I’m sure you know, Facebook basically collects your data all day long and sometimes, you’ll see an ad for something because your purchasing and browsing habits online are very similar to the purchasing and browsing habits of someone in that person’s audience. They also convert at a lower cost because it’s more native or organic for those ads to appear in your feed.

Choose different webinar time

Jess had already pre-selected his webinar times and people had opted into all dates before we spoke 1:1. The times chosen work well for a marketing audience, but since Jess’ clients aren’t necessarily in the online business world and are more likely to be stay at home moms or career women, the time of day may have been prohibitive for some of his potential clients as they were scheduled during the day.

In the future, we would want to schedule his webinars either in the evening or on the weekends since that’s when his potential clients are most likely to be able to watch a webinar live.

Advertising timeline

I generally don’t like to advertise any webinar for longer than 10 days, but as there were about two weeks to go on all webinars, we allowed people a pick and choose format where they could select the date they wanted for their webinar.

In the future, we would advertise each webinar separately so that there isn’t a long time to webinar for some of the registrants and the pre-webinar e-mail sequence that Jess had written could deploy more quickly and build up greater trust and excitement to attend the webinar amongst his ideal clients.

What Jess had to say about working with us on his ads


Before Reach & Make Millions took over my FB ads, I was completely distraught and frustrated at the lack of results I was getting. It was my first online launch, and I was spending over $24 per conversion! Hardly anyone was registering for my webinar and I had no idea why.

I was so frustrated and completely overwhelmed.

Then, Katya and Erika suggested I go through them for my FB ads. Best decision ever! Within just two days I went from spending over $26 per conversion and feeling overwhelmed, to spending just under $4, while my webinar registration numbers more than quadrupled!

Working with Kat and Erika has been such a pleasure. They’re so knowledgeable in how to run an online business, marketing, and tech.

It takes all the pressure off of me and allows me to focus on the areas of my business that matter the most so that I can show up in the best way possible for my clients.
— Jess Guidroz

How have you been using ads in your business so far? If not, what's keeping you from offering them as a service? Share in the comments below.

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