I'm not planning New Year resolutions... I'm planning systems

I'm not planning New Year resolutions... I'm planning systems 💪

I used to suck at eating healthy and working out consistently, even though I wanted to be fit and pain-free in my body.

So I set up a system.

My computer files, Dropbox, Google Drive… all of it used to be a complete mess, even though I wanted to be able to find things easily when I needed it.

So I set up a system.

My business drained the life out of me because I was trading time for dollars, even though I started my business to have more freedom and to be able to enjoy my life in the first place.

So I set up a system.

If there’s something that you suck at, that isn’t working, that’s exhausting and draining your energy…

It’s time to set up a system.

Don’t wait until it gets worse.

Don’t wait until you’re completely tapped out and maxed out.

Don’t put more and more pressure on yourself, thinking you can “deal with it for now” and “handle it later”

That’s not sustainable, and you know it.

(and later becomes never anyway)

My New Year Systems will be focused around my health & fitness + enjoying more of my hobbies and play.


What ares of your life or business need to be systemized?

If it's scaling your business, then let’s come up with a plan to get you out of overwhelm and into freedom + ease.

I’m already booking Systems Intensives through April 2018, so I can’t guarantee I can work with everyone… but I’m committed to helping every single entrepreneur I cross paths with one way or another.

It’s my mission for 2018 to see more hardworking entrepreneurs attain as much freedom as they do money. To avoid burnout and reach that 7-figure mark smoothly, without working twice as hard.

If that’s what you want for yourself, let’s talk.


Oh! And I'll send you a FREE Tech Toolkit as a thank you :)