Learning systems from airport security

I’m sitting at my gate in Miami Airport after a *fun* security line & I feel like writing them a memo:


1️⃣ NOT SURE IF YOU NEED SYSTEMS? Here’s an easy way to find out. If the security line is consistently backed up for reasons inside your control - like slow staff or clueless travelers... you probably need better systems ;)
2️⃣ SERVICE STARTS WITH YOUR STAFF. If your employees don’t want to work there, they don’t do their job, or they just don’t know how... Why are they still employed?
3️⃣ SYSTEMS START WITH THE TOOLS YOU USE. Here’s the biggest issue with this airport... they had a machine that worked great. They decided to replace it (without testing), thinking it would work better. DON’T fix what’s not broken. 
4️⃣ PROCESS MAKES THE MACHINE WORK. The machine wasn’t broken, the process was. Now there’s a new bag check machine that slows everyone down & adds extra staff for no reason. With the right tools + the right process, you have an efficiency goldmine. How could this airport have made their processes better?
5️⃣ EDUCATE YOUR CUSTOMERS ON THE PROCESS. Don’t let first time travelers get to the body scan machine before asking them to take off their shoes. That education needs to start right at the beginning of the line, all the way through the security process. 
6️⃣ GIVE STAFF CLEAR RESPONSIBILITIES. I literally just sat & watched as two employees fought over who was responsible for manually checking someone’s bag... Obviously the person who was waiting for the bag was livid. The employees finally decided they would both check the bag 🤦‍♀️
7️⃣ BE PROACTIVE VS REACTIVE. It’s easy to spot patterns in the process. I can point out the new travelers and predict who’s going to forget to take off their shoes. I travel a lot & know this, so imagine working there every day. Be proactive in noticing patterns and breaks in the system, so that better processes, education & staff can be put into place.

Systems are everywhere, and most of the time it’s a hit or miss with these systems... at the expense of the customer 😩

What do you think? 



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