My Epic 4-Step System For Getting 110% More Stuff Done

My Epic 4-Step System For Getting 110% More Stuff Done

You can imagine how exciting it was to come home after quitting my job, knowing that I could spend more time working on my business.

That shit feels GREAT, doesn’t it?

No more 9-5, no more cubicle, no one to tell you what to do.

BUT, with that, comes the fear of being unproductive.

I needed to make my business work. I didn’t have a back up plan, and I didn’t have a back up savings either (don’t try that - it sucks).

So I did what everyone told me to do - create a to do list and get shit DONE.

I’ve tried every single to do list app you can think off. I built lists upon lists, I brain dumped, and I prioritized.

At first, it worked. I started with basic stuff that I thought I needed to get done. You know, get business cards, make a website, endlessly tweak my website to perfection...

But then the to do list start building and growing, while less and less got done.

To be honest with you, I got a lot of shit done every day, but still didn’t feel productive.

I got SOME results, SOME clients. But it wasn’t consistent and it wasn’t fun.

I was overwhelmed and stressed 24/7 because my to do list wasn’t getting any shorter and I had barely any results to prove my hard work was paying off.

I felt overwhelmed and stressed all the time.

I was seriously going crazy and burning out.

Even when I got clear and focused, it would only last a few days and I would go back to being overwhelmed.

“Oh! Okay, so I need to build my list - I’ll focus on that”

But then I would get distracted with a new goal, with other tasks, with facebook - you name it.

Shiny-object syndrome is a thing - and I had it BAD.

FOMO (fear of missing out) is also a thing - and I fell for it.

Burn out - is what nearly ended my business.

I had to get a job to make some money to cover my expenses, and with that I realized something...

I burned out because I didn’t have a clear system.

So I created a clear system for myself and my business, quit that job within 3 months, and now I’ve more than doubled my productivity!

Having a clear system will help you:

  • Know exactly what to do and when to do it
  • Feel ease
  • Have fun with your tasks
  • Know that you’re getting shit done

And you’ll see results because you:

  • Feel productive, clear, and in flow
  • Have the freedom to spend time outside your business and not worry that things aren’t moving forward
  • Accomplish bigger and better goals
  • Have trust in yourself to actually complete the goals and tasks you assign yourself

So here’s how I get shit done in my business every day, WITHOUT getting myself into overwhelm, burn out, and working without getting results


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