The super TOP SECRET #1 tip that costs way more than $997 to learn that NOBODY is talking about *sarcasm*

If you're new to business,

And you're focused on systems...

Tweaking your website constantly because you want it to look pretty...

Writing copy even though you're not clear on your avatar or target market...

And signing up for InfusionSoft when your mom is the only email subscriber you have...

You're doing it backwards.

I would know, because I did all that myself 😂

And struggled for years, thinking people would just magically show up and pay me.

Here's the secret...

  1. Write down what you're good at

  2. See if it's a problem people are desperate to solve

  3. And get some credit cards charged & money transferred to your bank account

If you're not getting cash in the bank from people you serve, then you're either 1) not good at what you do, 2) not solving an urgent problem, or 3) all of the above

In that case, start over again.

Get good at something that people are desperate to pay tons of money to fix.

Worry about the rest later.

Didn't even need to buy a $997 course to learn that, so seriously - go fucking do it 😜

PS - the majority of the things I write and talk about when it comes to systems are 100% NOT for you until you're generating high 6 figures or 7 figures of revenue in your business. So don't get confused and don't fall for shiny object syndrome just because you see me talking about it when it's meant for others.


Oh! And I'll send you a FREE Tech Toolkit as a thank you :)