What Purple Hair Taught Me About Manifesting Desires

I have purple hair.

If you didn't already know from social media (seriously click those shiny gold buttons down there and follow me, will ya?!) I have purple hair now!

So in honor of that, I'm changing the colors of this email to purple (just for today, then it's back to red).

But there's actually a lesson in this email, and it starts with the fact that Monday wasn't just a normal "I'm going to the salon and cutting my hair" type of day...

My dream hairdresser cut and colored my hair!

I have been following Larisa Love for over 3 years now (or more, I don't remember). She's based in L.A. and does gorgeous hair cuts and colors. Check out her instagram to see .

I've always told myself "I'm going to fly out to L.A. and get my hair cut by her" - but honestly paying $600 for a flight to California from Florida and then paying for the cut and color AND somehow getting that scheduled perfectly was real tough.

So how did I get to cross this off my bucket list so easily?

How did I end up being on a late night TV show for hairdressers?

How did I end up with my hair dyed in one of my favorite colors?

How did I get to meet my dream hairdresser, her fantastic fiance, and other amazing people like a makeup artist that ended up being an ideal client?

It all started with wanting it in the first place - those 3 years back, saying I wanted my hair cut by Larisa Love specifically.

But most importantly...

I thought it, I took action, and then I let go.

I didn't just sit there, wish it, and do nothing.

I didn't sit there, wish it, and then cry about the fact that I couldn't do it right then and there either.

I thought it, I wished it, I followed her instagram (it was like I knew her personally when I met her lol), and I took action with my hair!

I used to go to a bunch of different hairdressers, hoping I'd find someone I liked as much as Larisa. Nope. That didn't work.

Then I tried to dye my hair red. THAT did NOT work.

Then I decided to cut my hair real short. That worked. It was nice. But not HOLYAMAZEBALLS like Larisa.

Then I stopped dyeing my hair, stopped going to different hairdressers, and started taking care of my hair and letting it grow out.

I thought to myself - "If I'm going to cut my hair with Larisa, I need to PREPARE for it right now... Before it's even possible."

This goes for business too.

How many times do you sit in front of your laptop, filling up your to-do list with things you think you need to do to reach your goal?

"Maybe I need a website. I'll make a website today."

"Oh shit, wait. I need to build my list. Let me try Facebook Ads!"

"Someone told me I should be on Pinterest... Let me try Pinterest..."

Some things might work. The majority of things definitely won't. And you've seen that happen to you.

You've also seen yourself get overwhelmed and burned out (like my hair with all that red dye... it was bad you guys).

Let me make it easier for you.


Seriously, stop.

I know it's hard, but listen to me for a second.

You need to get clear on exactly what you want.

You already know what you want. It's deep in there - in your heart and soul, screaming to COME OUT OF YOU.

Let it out. What is it exactly? Reply now and let me know.

Once you're clear on what you want to have, do, or be...

Stop worrying about the "how"

Like I said, I could've sat there worrying "How do I get my hair cut with Larisa? It seems nearly impossible!" - but I didn't.

Mind you, I'm guilty of doing this very often.

I'm ambitious. I'm motivated. I'm a "do-er" - and I fucking go overboard sometimes.

Like "I want to make $10k per month, so let me sleep 3 hours, eat 1 meal, skip showers, and work my ass off every day."

No. It doesn't work that way.

I actually went FARTHER away from $10k. I got burned out and made $0 for 6 months.

No. What you need to do is...

Take action with intention and clarity.

You're clear on what you want, right? (If you're not, stop and do that right now and reply with your desire!)

So what does it TRULY take?

Who do you need to BE to get that desire?

And don't ask me. Don't ask some expert.

Ask yourself.

Ask your heart and soul.

Ask your intuition.

You know the answer.

And maybe you feel like you don't know the answer right now.

That's okay.

Let's keep going with my $10k example.

I knew I wanted to make $10k per month. And I also knew that my way of getting there was causing burn out and overwhelm and $0. Plus, at that moment, I had NO idea what to DO. I felt lost, confused, and I couldn't figure out what my next step was.

So I went back to my original desire, I got tuned into it, and I realized what I truly needed...

I needed help and guidance. I had never made $10k/mo before and I didn't have the clarity I needed to take intentional action.

So I hired a coach, and now I'm on my way to CONSISTENT, EASY, FUN $10k months with her help.

Now, clients find me and come to ME. Phone calls consist of "Can we start like NOW?!" instead of "wait, HOW MUCH?! Uh..... I don't know..." And I've even had to turn people down and send them to other referrals.

And you know what's the first thing my coach told me to do that helped me reach that?

Let go.

I was already clear on what I wanted.

I was already taking consistent action towards it (connecting with others, collaborating, putting myself out there).

I had to let go.

Let go of burn out, and overwhelm.

Let go of actions that weren't aligned with me and my desire.

Let go of the "how"

Let go of what the outcome would look like.

You WILL manifest your desire.

I know it.

You know it.

We just don't know when, where, how, what, why...

It's tough (especially because I'm impatient and I want to know!!!!)

But it's also simple.

Like with my hair cut.

I got clear on what I wanted: I wanted Larisa Love to be my hairdresser.

I took a bunch of action that wasn't aligned (whoops).

So I started taking more intentional action that was aligned with my desire - not dyeing my hair, letting it grow out, etc.

After that, I let go. I stopped being attached to the outcome.

Then the opportunity showed up! She posted on instagram looking for a Miami model that matched my EXACT description.

And I took some more action - I texted her, volunteered for this opportunity, and cleared up my entire Monday.

And she said yes!

I got exactly what I wanted, and you will too!

It just might not be the way you imagined it.

When I first thought of getting my hair cut with her, I imagined flying out to California to do it.

I NEVER imagined having her come to me in Miami, FL.

I NEVER imagined I would be on a TV Show for it! (Late Night With Tev Finger).

I NEVER imagined I would meet such amazing people, and learn what it's like to be behind the scenes of a TV Production.

And I NEVER imagined I would have so much fun and have such a great day - during my birthday weekend (I just turned 22 on Friday).

It all worked out perfectly.

Not the way I imagined. Not the way I thought it "should be"

And that's okay.

Because it turned out 100 times BETTER.

All because I got clear on my desire, took aligned action, and let go of the "how" and what the result would look like.

To be honest, if I had flown to her salon like I originally planned - I would've stressed about what hair color I wanted and how I wanted it to look and all that.

I'm glad I didn't.

I'm glad I had no say in what my hair was going to be like.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. I showed up to the studio having NO FREAKING IDEA what was about to happen! And there was no mirror in front of me like at a usual salon... So I didn't see my purple hair until the very end! (Talk about letting go).

I showed up open, flexible, and EXCITED.

Because I knew everything was going to be okay.

And what's funny is, when I got there she told me she has been planning to do natural colors but then she decided on purple!!! (Coincidence?)

Everything was aligned.

The wait, the patience, the letting go, the intentional action, the clarity - it was all worth it in the end.

And I got purple hair to prove it! :P

Now it's your turn.

What desire are you going to manifest?


Oh! And I'll send you a FREE Tech Toolkit as a thank you :)