What you appreciate, appreciates

It’s crazy… So much can change in just a year or two.

Gabriel and I were talking about it the other day. Each of us, coming up with moments that we absolutely dreaded in the past…

Gabriel: Remember when you used to have to wake up at 6AM for work?

Me: And remember when you had to wake up at 3AM to go to work?

Gabriel: Yeah… We don’t have to do that anymore

And we sat there in silence for a moment, smiling.

There’s always a moment in the day where we stop and look at each other and agree “our life is amazing and we created it, together” and bask in the gratitude.

But even when our situation wasn’t “ideal” in the past, we always found something to be grateful for.

A roof over our heads.

Food on the table.

Each other.

So where ever you are this Christmas Eve,

Whoever you’re spending it with,

And whatever you choose to do tonight…

Choose to spend it with presence and gratitude,

No matter what the circumstance is, good or bad.

Appreciate this very moment and trust that there’s more good to come for all of us 🙂


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