You KNOW their advice is wrong for you... So why are you still listening?

My boyfriend went to a doctor to do a sleep study because he would choke & stop breathing while he slept (this was back when we lived in an apartment infested with mold and didn't know it)

The doctor looked at the results and diagnosed him with severe sleep apnea, told him he was gonna have to use a CPAP machine for the rest of his life and that he should do a surgery to remove his tonsils - a bunch of shit.

I disagreed and insisted that it was the mold in the bedroom of our apartment that we found. But the doctor denied it.

We moved out, and found an apartment that's very picky about having clean air and no mold or dust and such.

My boyfriend got retested today (after MONTHS of fighting with them over the phone & email to let him retest).

The results...


Like seriously I wish I was there so I could've been like "I told you so" to the doctor 😂 . He was in shock.

All I had to do was use Google (after we got the mold results) to put two and two together.

It just confirms to me that no ONE person is perfect or knows it all or knows YOU better than you do - even if they insist on it.

I go to a medical center now that has 4-5 of each specialist. Physicians, nurse practitioners, health coaches, nutritionists, etc. There's so many, I don't know the titles of all of them.

But when one person doesn't have the answer, they admit it and bring someone else in to consult with me.

When something isn't working, they say "I don't know why" and bring the group together to brainstorm possible solutions.

When I disagree with a doctor, they say OKAY and find someone else to give a second opinion. They don't take it personally.

My health has improved substantially. Obviously from getting out of an environment with mold, but also because I have a group of people focused on helping me reach my health goals.

Same thing in business - I joined a mastermind where the main focus is to help everybody step up their game and hit their new revenue goals.

Here's my two cents: Stop listening to bad advice that doesn't feel aligned with you.

And you KNOW what I'm talking about (and who you're listening to that applies to this)

You're smart. You're successful. You know the answers already.

You know the difference between bad advice VS true guidance.

So why are you still falling for that bad advice?

Even if you didn't take action on it - the thoughts of doubt lingered.


And if you really need it, you have proof all around you.

Look at the empire you've built. Look at the audience you've served. If you need numbers, look at your bank account.

You've created this success because you trusted your gut, took risks, hired the right mentors to get you there, and surrounded yourself with people working on the same goals & challenges.

Now for this next level, do the same.

Find the mentors or group of people that will tell it to you straight and help you conquer this new mission 💪

Whether it's for your health, relationships, business, money, or systems (ahem, you know who to call for systems help 😉 )

You know this.

Stop pretending you don't.


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