Your business is going to scale smoothly based on two factors...

Your business is going to scale smoothly based on two factors - mindset and systems.

Let's talk about mindset.

First of all, no one is perfect. Stop comparing your business to somebody else's perfect-looking online set up because trust me... I've been behind the scenes of a lot of 6 and 7 figure businesses that DO NOT have their shit together.

So stop comparing. You're exactly where you're at and you're crushing it.

There's going to be days where you wake up and feel totally useless.
There's going to be many times where you feel uncertain and insecure.

We're all setting big goals for 2018.
And it feels a bit scary to be like "okay I set this goal... now HOW am I going to pull this shit off"

I get it.

AND, you're focusing on the wrong thing.

Don't focus on the how - focus on the WHAT and WHY.

Get so crystal clear on it that there's no doubt about what you're going to create and why you're creating it.

Because THAT will be your certainty.
THAT will be your driving force during rough times.

And there will be rough times. Guaranteed.

So that's mindset.
Simple, right?

Now go do it ;) that's the fun and challenging part lol

The next one is systems.

You can only grow as much as your business (and you) can handle.

If I gave you 500 hot leads right now - could you take them all on?

I just spent most of my day on phone calls with people wanting to book a Systems Intensive with me.

Every time I asked that question, it was an immediate "no"

Let's be honest though, 500 paying customers aren't going to fall out of the sky and drop into your lap right now. That's not realistic.

But stop and think for a moment... What's the POTENTIAL for your business?

You have an audience... and definitely not a small one at that.

You have paying clients and they're getting results from your service or product.

And you're making good money from this. Awesome...

But you're not in this to play small and be comfortable.

You're in this to reach more people

To make a bigger impact

To leave a legacy

To be a leader and an empire builder.

And now my question to you is this -

Are you fully embodying your full potential as a leader?

Is your business fully living up to the impact you're saying you want to have?

Probably not yet.

But here's the thing

Right now, that would require you to do more, and you don't have time for that.

THAT is where systems come in.

It's time to stop working IN your business and step outside of it to work ON your business.

It's time to be a business OWNER, not a business employee.

Because that's the situation right now.

You're in a glorified prison of your own making.

If you need to show up for the business to run,
If the team is relying on you to answer questions and solve problems,
If you're doing most of the client work still,
and you're feeling like you can't manage all the ideas you get / want to create, because you don't have time.

That's a job. Not running a business.

You know it's time for systems.

Here's the truth - Systems don't feel sexy until they're implemented.

I've had clients absolutely dreeeead our Systems Intensive up until the moment we start lol I get it.

But once we've set up the systems...

They. Become. Hooked.

Every single client I've had has said to me on our initial call

"I don't know if we can systemize this... but what I really want is X"

And every single time, we've been able to do it.

Stop playing small.
Stop cutting yourself short.

What is it that you truly want?

What's the empire you want to build.


Then set up the systems that allow you to PLAY BIGGER as well.

Because I know 100% without a shadow of a doubt that there's a way to systemize and create anything, any goal, any idea, any project, any. thing.

That, I'm 100% confident of.

And if you want to challenge me on that - bring it on.

I'm already starting to book Systems Intensives for April of next year

So go right now and message me.

Let's talk about where you're at in your business

And where you want to go.

ANY goal you have, I will show you that there's a path to make it happen.

Doesn't matter how big or how complex or how crazy it is.

With the right mindset on your end

And the right systems support on my end

I'm confident you'll not only hit your goals,

You'll surpass them.

Because with systems, someone can bring you something absolutely far fetched like dropping 500 paying customers on your lap, and you'd be able to handle it.

Or 50 new "done for you" clients and your team would manage it well.

Or 10 new hires for your team without you pulling your hair out.

There's no need for overwhelm

There's no need for over working

There's no need for missing opportunities right in front of you because you lack the structure.

There's no need for the word "hard" in your vocabulary. Ever.

And if you're on the brink of burn out

Then there's no need to continue down that path.

But that's not up to me.

Only you can make that choice.

I'm just here to remind you that you actually are in control of what that decision ends up being ;)


Oh! And I'll send you a FREE Tech Toolkit as a thank you :)