Here’s what clients have been able to achieve by working with Reach and Make Millions®








Setting up systems was the last thing I wanted to do. I knew I needed to do it, but it was like looking at this giant mountain like “I don’t know if I’ll be able to do this” and it was very overwhelming. Katya setting me up with those systems totally gave me all green lights. Since then, based on the systems Katya helped me with, I’ve generated almost $50k in 3 months. I was making about $5k a month before... you do the math. I can't imagine how I ever operated beforehand.

- Ben Perry, Organic Marketing Secrets

Incredible, life-changing value. Katya really takes an artisan, curated approach to how YOU want to run your business and aligns you with the systems that will best fit your life and how you want to structure things. If she can support businesses that are 8 and 9 figures, chances are she can support yours as well. Usually when someone is an expert with systems, they just put you with the system that they're most comfortable with versus the one that's gonna' be best for you.

- Lechon Kirb, Of Course

I thought I was effective beforehand, turns out I wasn't. I felt like I was on a treadmill that never stopped. Katya is a highly effective human being. She's a machine. Among the best I've ever seen. The return on time invested was very high.

- Jonathan Green,

On the other side of systems is... relief, freedom, and profit. And Katya makes it easy to do this.

- Avery Ford,

Thanks to Katya’s encyclopedic knowledge of technical online business, combined with her strategy and genuine care, I went from no online business or email list to a list with 1,000 people and launched an online course - in only 2.5 months!

- Michael Cinquino,

As much as I 'love' smashing my head up against the wall, learning things the hard way... I don't. In about an hour, Katya punched through a bunch of challenges.

- Eric Michael Collins, Compounding Success

I can rely on Katya to be the problem solver: the person who's going to say "okay, this is xyz that's happening, here's the solution," and breaking the solution down to the easiest steps humanly possible so that I instantly feel less overwhelmed, well taken care of, understood, heard... the whole nine yards.

- Meghan Maydel, Maydel Media

Katya Sarmiento is one of these people who shouldn't exist. She doesn't make sense, but in the best possible way… Katya is really good at systems and super friggin’ smart… But at the same time, she is totally connected to her emotions and who she is spiritually.

- Michael Cinquino,

I've been working with Katya for about a year now in the 7-Figure Freedom Accelerator.

By working with her, I was able to put some organization into my business... So that way I didn't need to be the person doing every single thing in the business.

I could actually bring in people to take care of different aspects, so that I could do what I wanted to do... Which wasn't just sitting in front of a computer all day every day!

- Jayden Maharaj, Axis Marketing and Digital Muvmnt

When I came into the program, it was on the back of a record month. While our business didn't break, it was about to... our systems were a disaster. Thank you so much for your support. Thank you so much for your help.

- Mark Firth,

A lot of entrepreneurs just give themselves a job instead of actually building a business... A job that stresses you out! If you're reactive and working 70-80 hours and you're just all over the place, you don't have freedom.

Before working with Katya, I was just running around all over the place... I wouldn't have been able to even imagine what my business would look like if it wasn't for Katya.

- Jayden Maharaj, Axis Marketing and Digital Muvmnt

Systems is definitely a long process but it's been exciting to take everything I've been doing and break down the strategy behind it.

Everyone in the 7-Figure Freedom Accelerator group is awesome... Being able to bounce ideas off of each other is amazing... Someone from the outside can see a hole that you might not see. If you're thinking of joining... don't think twice about it. I've bought a bunch of courses, but no one really teaches this kind of stuff.

- Sema Erzouki,

I just wanted to live a little bit without losing the growth of my business. I had a month off and the business survived... now that I know that... maybe I'll just do that twice a year, where I take a month off... because why the hell not!

- Katya Varbanova, Peri10k

"Katya Sarmiento is a badass systems person that you need on your side."

- Ben Perry, Organic Marketing Secrets

I was the most disorganized business owner in the world... Katya Sarmiento saved me hundreds of hours so I can focus on my business and not the things I’m weak at and would take up all of my time.

- Jess Guidroz,

Katya is always coming up with new ideas on how we can make things better, how they can be more efficient, or change it up and make it automated.

Rachael Lowe, Copy And Community

Because Katya Sarmiento thinks in systems, she automatically systematizes your whole life just by being in it… Katya effortlessly points out where connections need to be made and how things can be easier without you feeling like she's preaching to you.

- Avery Ford,

It's not just about systems. 7-Figure Freedom Accelerator (7FFA) is about caring about the business owner, the CEO. I highly recommend it to anybody who feels stressed, burnt out, or like their business is crushing them and they're not growing from their business

- Leon Brown, Customer Mojo

My thought process was always "okay, some of this stuff is too complicated to systematize... By the time I teach someone I might as well just do it because it's random tasks that come up here and there..." But after working with them I was able to systematize things that I didn't originally think I would be able to create systems out of! I'm finally going to be able to start offloading some of those tasks, and I'm not going to have to worry about someone not doing a good job, because of how detailed the systems that we've built out are... it's really helping me and my team move forward.

- Sema Erzouki,

This mastermind has been completely unparallelled. I’ve never seen anything like this in terms of the amount of care and attention to detail. I’ve always winged it, and that’s worked up until this point, but it’s not what’s going to get me to 7-figures.

- Arne Giske, Groups For Profit and GroupFunnels



Before working with Katya, I had no list, no idea how to build one, and no idea how to choose or manage technologies required to create an online presence and get clients. I knew I needed to work with someone who is an excellent professional AND a kind person. When I realized her unique combination of being an online business manager, tech expert, and business coach, I was in. No Brainer.

Within 4 months of working with Katya, I’ve managed to run a 28-day tele summit, build my email list from 0 to 3000, create multiple sales funnels for passive income products, write and schedule blogs up to 6 months in advance, create and set up a tele workshop series, video series, a podcast, and launch a pre-order product bundle of my upcoming book!

Pretty much all of my ideas have come to life, while I’ve traveled the US speaking and working at my full-time job. The best part is, once the work is done this year, Katya has set everything to automatically run next year for me so I don’t have to do the work. I just show up, engage my audience, and coach! I wouldn’t have been able to get this done without Kat by my side.

- Jeanine Staples of

"I am proud to send people to my website now and I love waking up to new enrollments in my programs because it's so user friendly for my clients and automated for me! "

About Tori Summers:

I'm a transformational health coach, graduating from IIN in 2011. I am the creator of 11 days to Radiance, 28 days to Thrive and 90 days to Bliss, a speaker, and the proud owner of You By Design Health Coaching.

I help women learn to love themselves exactly as they are, to see their inner beauty, to radiate and shine from within, to feel EMPOWERED. I teach my clients how to nourish themselves and their families with simple, clean and quick whole food meals and detox programs.

I'm on a mission to help women create health, joy and self love without having to give up their favorite things such as wine or chocolate.

My Challenge:

Working with a web developer for a year with nothing to show for it. I wasn't clear on what I wanted and was getting hung up on what I wanted it to LOOK like, but the coaching was the invaluable part of the program. I really needed the coaching to help me get through all the clutter in my head.

My Results:

This program helped me to learn about how websites are supposed to work, the flow. I never understood that before. I love shopping online, but how to promote a coaching business and the purpose of a website I had no idea.

I have used Squarespace, Stripe, Moonclerk (love!!!), Trello, Typeform, Acuity and Sumome. I had never even heard of these services before. The flow of capturing emails to build my list, to have drip campaigns, to use my newsletter and drive traffic to my website via blog posts and links to all my social media has been an invaluable part of this program. My list is FINALLY growing! I had not had a new sign up in nearly a year prior to working with Katya. My online programs keep growing and expanding with each season. I was an independent contractor for a medical clinic with very limited reach. Now I am fully on my own, using my own website and business is better than ever!

With the tools I've learned and the programs I've learned to use, I have my confidence back regarding technology. I was feeling very dated and out of it regarding the back end of web commerce. With the knowledge I've learned, I feel so much more confident and in control of my business. These tools have enabled me to do what I love....COACH and have a greater reach!

Katya's Approach:

Katya helped me face all the fears and doubts and answered my millions of questions when I had them.

She offered EXACTLY what I wanted and needed for my learning style and personality. We spent an afternoon on the phone together and she helped me get very clear on what I wanted in my business and basic template to follow. Using her platform to create MY OWN website was perfect for me! I am in love with my website now. It looks professional, I'm proud of it, and I am always asked who created it for me. I know exactly what I need to do when it's time to update and it's EASY. Katya helped me create easy payment options and how to build my list that works. My reach has improved as well as traffic to my site. Katya taught me the flow of an internet business in a way that made sense and was not intimidating. I can't say enough about this process with her! It was well worth the money and time. Oh, did I mention that I had a gorgeous website that was ready to register my first online group program in a matter of WEEKS? She was the ideal match for me and my business!

"NO html with Katya's program and tools!"

If there is a health coach who is looking for someone to design a website, I tell them about you and your program hands down. There is simply no other choice in my world. I understand how important it is to hire a web designer who understands our business. THAT is what sets you apart from just any web designer or developer. Plus the coaching we get along the way is invaluable! OH, and the teaching. I tell people that, too. You get coaching to get clear, teaching to learn how and guidance to create your personal site. Love!

-Tori Summers, Transformational Coach at

About Anne Eppley:

I show women how to let go of being everything to everyone so that they can discover what it is that they desire to live a more fulfilled life.

My Challenge:

I was working with a business coach at the time but wanted to work with Kat to help me create my website and work through the other technical elements when starting a new business.

Technology intimidates me and although I would not be able to say is no longer the case, I am in a better position now to move forward. It's so easy to think that I will do something "wrong" but the reality is that most things can be undone.

My Results:

I find myself in a much better place now. Looking back, I could get so hung up on the little things. When Kat and I would be on our calls and she would show me how to do things on my website it made so much sense. I just wish I had that "Kat chip" to implant into my brain when needed. :-)

My website has gone live (yeah!) along with the other aspects of automating my business. I know that it is only Version 1.0 but I do like being able to share it with others. I think I have also learned a lot about myself in this process. My website will allow visitors to get a feel for what I am all about. My desire is that it will resonate with some which will turn into a Live More Discovery Session. The website is part of creating confidence in myself for completing it. 

Katya's Approach:

Your approach was fun and informational. I chose to work with you based on your wide range of knowledge, your willingness to help someone in need with a tech question and you are one of my favorite TCM peeps! We had fun together working through the program and I knew that there was NO judgement when working with me.

- Anne Eppley, Life Coach at

About Marlyne:

Business Strategist and Consultant for Conscious and Creative Entrepreneurs who are ready to grow their business, get stand out results, and have fun doing it.

My Challenge:

I was stuck on how to start and structure my business website. The thought of building a website and learning code was overwhelming. I did not want to spend a lot of time figuring out the technology. However, I was ready to take action.

My Results:

Katya helped me to think through my business ideas and approach to take action on my website. I created my website structure, opt-in and scheduling process to engage with my clients. I know I can always go back and make changes without worry and confusion.

Katya's Approach:

I loved working with Katya, she has great energy and I would always leave our calls feeling inspired to take more action and give more thought to my next steps. She emphasized the need to get started and evolve things later as my business grows. When you work with Katya you will lose the fear of jumping in and getting started.

- Marlyne, Entrepreneur

About Kate Greatorex:

I am a health coach and yoga teacher. I've been teaching yoga for nearly 4 years and working as a health coach for nearly 2 years. I take a holistic approach as I help my clients learn how to find balance in their life to nourish themselves with food, movement, rest, and self-expression, as they release excess weight, release stress, and experience a renewed sense of energy.

My Challenge:

I was in a place where I was getting more attention as a health coach and focused on growing my business, but I knew I needed to get my technology needs in order to turn this from a hobby or side job into my full-time career. This meant building a new website that truly reflected me and my business and getting my automated systems set up. Navigating the tech world was completely overwhelming to me, and I'd been procrastinating forever. In order to present a professional image to potential clients, however, I knew that this move was absolutely necessary.

I was struggling with the lack of knowledge of different platforms for building websites, taking credit cards, scheduling clients online, automating systems like e-mail responders, etc. The thought of figuring it all out on my own was super overwhelming and felt like it would take forever to understand. As a result, I was stuck and wasn't doing anything to move forward here. I definitely needed a helping hand to break things down for me, translate the technical stuff into a language I could understand, and answer my questions when I started overthinking things.

My Results:

I made the right choice reaching out for help and hiring Katya as my tech coach. It certainly helped save my sanity so I could get this stuff done, but still be able to do my actual health coaching work (rather than be all consumed by trying to figure this tech stuff out on my own).

I like knowing that I'm now set up to take credit cards and that my automatic e-mail responders are in place for when I add new people to my list. I also now know how to use DropBox, which makes it super easy to distribute my freebie giveaway. :-)

Without a doubt, this tech investment will pay off with increased client exposure, engagement, and enrollment. Ideally, it will result in more clients enrolling with me more quickly, especially since I'm now set up to accept credit cards. I believe people are much more willing to type in a credit card number than to write, sign, and mail a check. So, hopefully, it'll help to shorten the timespan between someone who says they're interested in the program and then actually enrolling and submitting payment.

Katya's Approach:

Katya is supportive and patient. She translates technology into layman's terms so I can understand what I need to do. This is great for someone fairly new in their business that isn't ready to invest thousands and thousands of dollars with someone else to build their site and get their systems set up.

- Kate Greatorex, Holistic Practitioner at

“If you are totally frustrated with putting systems in place and technology is not your friend and you would rather just be coaching and serving others - then you need to call Katya. She will guide you through and you will have all of your systems rockin and rollin in no time and without pulling your hair out.”

About Violet White:

I am a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Transformational Coach. I help women who want to lose weight and reclaim their life and health.

My Challenge:

I was frustrated with my website, sales pages and setting up systems. Everything about technology just seemed so confusing and difficult, I just didn't do anything at all. I was frozen and so was my business.

My Results:

Working with Katya definitely eliminates the fear of taking on the pieces of Technology you don't have experience with.

I wondered if this program could really turn things around for me — no reason to have any doubts or fear working with Katya because of her skilled coaching. She first digs deep to understand what it is you need and the direction you are looking to go. Then she guides you step by step, making this very scary and seemingly challenging process easy. I have designed and implemented an amazing sales page which gave me great confidence that I can do this!

It impacted my business by taking the fear away, the fear that kept me stuck and that is Huge! The confidence I gained working with Katya flows over into all areas of my life as well.

Katya's Approach:

Katya, you helped take something so daunting and make it easy and fun. What I enjoyed the most was the level of coaching I received while working on something like a sales page. Very unexpected and delightful! I was able to complete projects in a matter of days that had been put aside for months.

- Violet White, Transformational Coach at


About Jessica Rodriguez:

I help men and women have fun while adjusting their lifestyle so that they can lose weight, feel empowered and live the life of their dreams without having to give up the foods they love. I have been helping people for the last 2 years in reaching their goals.

My Challenge:

Before working with Katya, I knew that I needed to be able to have more control over my website and the content that I was able to post on it. I am pretty good with technology and have always been afraid to automate certain things I do because I like to be in control and feel like technology could mess it up somehow. I knew I needed to work with someone that could simplify things and help me navigate through different technology systems to get what I wanted. My biggest challenge was knowing exactly what I wanted and needed to accomplish.

My Results:

Now I have a new website and feel confident about tweaking it and changing things to the way I want. I also sent out my first newsletter through mail chimp!!! I am more confident with the applications we’re using right now. I love that Katya was more than willing to chunk things down for me when I was freaking out from all the tech stuff fumbling around in my brain. It truly has been an empowering experience. I am ready to get my website launched and keep the momentum going. I am ready to start making some real money and really focusing on my health coaching practice to help others. What I’ve learned through this program will certainly help me with the automation of my own programs and in the future I am able to put out strictly online programs that make me money while I sleep!

Katya’s Approach:

It was nice working with someone that truly cares about me and my finished product. Katya kept in mind the things that I wanted to get done and we had fun doing it. She slowed it down when it was too much for me and the personal touches were just great. I wish everyone could have a similar experience with her. Kat really eliminates the problem of feeling overwhelmed and anxious at the thought of having so much to do on the tech side of things. She was very supportive and encouraging and she definitely knows what she’s doing! I was even more sure of that after our first session together where we got so much work done without even being on the computer!

- Jessica Rodriguez, Transformational Lifestyle Coach at

About Melinda Slade:

Melinda is an Awakened Living Coach who helps women wake up and take charge of their lives so they can get what they want and no longer feel stressed out, anxious, out of control and miserable.

My Challenge:

Having previously wasted hours and hours of my time fiddling with my blog site and having had extremely poor customer service and non-existent direction from the company that I registered my domain and email hosting with, I knew I needed someone to help me go through the process of setting up and building my website. Someone with the answers who could keep me pointed in the right direction. I had no idea where to start or how to do anything. I knew I could figure it out on my own eventually, but the mental mountain of the challenge really kept me stuck.

My Results:

In just over a month I created my entire website, homepage, about, contact, services, and have a new home for my blog and it all looks great. My audience and potential clients can see and know everything about me in one place. They can sign up and schedule time with me straight from my site with ease. I also have a great free gift offerings for people who sign up for my newsletter that are in service of my vision. I plan on continuing to expand and tweak my website to include more pages and details about my programs. I think the greatest thing I have learned is to start somewhere and maintain a beginners mind. My website is a living entity which will continue to evolve over time just like me and my business.

Katya’s Approach:

Kat is committed to her clients getting their result and she helps them get there with a fun and gentle touch. She brings a lot of clarity and simplifies everything so it’s not so mysterious and scary. This program ended up being all that I needed and more. I may not have realized it in the beginning since I originally thought I just wanted someone to help me with the design elements and template tweaking. I will admit I started out with an aversion to internet marketing on a whole, but I realized mid program that I needed the guidance with the opt in mechanics etc. It was perfect. I got the perfect amount of support too. This was a clear foundation for me and my business. Kat completely eliminated the mental overwhelm! She was a fountain of knowledge for my questions, it eased my mind knowing I could ask and she was there for me. I know that she gets me and the rest of my transformational holistic spiritual buddies and what we need. Thanks to Kat and this program, I am taking consistent action everyday and I have a better concept of what needs to happen for me to be successful. Anyone who wants to build a website can get it done this way.

- Melinda Slade, Health Coach at

About Andra Brill:

Dr. Andra Brill is an innovator in the growing field of mindful parenting. She is the founder and senior consultant at, offering savvy parents simple strategies for raising happy, well-balanced children.

Andra’s work has been featured at local schools, pediatricians’ offices and parent groups. Using a unique blend of mindfulness practices, psychology and neuroscience, Andra improves the well-being of families just like yours.

In her spare time, Andra enjoys backpacking, impromptu dance parties in the kitchen and reading aloud with her husband and daughter.

My Challenge:

The biggest challenge was understanding how to create a seamless system on my website to support what I want to be doing. I knew I needed a pop-up and scheduling software. I really loved the idea of understanding how my website works and thus the appeal of DIY. However, I was spending hours trying to figure out simple things like how to get a pop-up to work. I knew that I needed some guidance to get my site up and running without wasting precious time. I was pretty desperate to get my website working the way I wanted it to.

My Results:

First of all, Katya helped me find cost effective ways to do everything that I wanted to. We added an opt-in quiz, a scheduler and pop-ups. Plus some basic analytics. I completely redid my about page. Installed Sumome. Switched from Aweber to MailChimp. Created a quiz on Playbuzz. Installed Acuity scheduling. It’s all working together. It was amazing to have Katya guide me through the process. I got done in a short time what would have taken me three times as long to do on my own. I now have lots more confidence in my own ability to do what I want on my website. I’m using what I learned to create a sales page for an international project in January. I am also much more comfortable and confident sharing my website. My husband says my new site looks way more professional. It’s a joy to post on FB groups and send people to my site!

Katya’s Approach:

Katya helped me to create the website I wanted in a timely and efficient manner. She was the voice I needed to simply set up the site I wanted without spending hours figuring out how to do simple things on my own. Without Katya I would have spent hours agonizing over the best program to use. With Katya’s help I was able to move forward with confidence. I love the recorded calls and using our project management system to keep track of what I needed to do in between calls. The fact that she was able to help me from exactly where I was is huge. She was offering exactly what I was looking for. I love Katya’s enthusiasm and expertise.

- Andra Brill, Transformational Coach at

“There Are A Ton Of Resources Out There – Books, Videos, Courses – To Explain Technology And How To Build An Online Business, But None Of Them Put It All Together The Way Katya Does.”

“I’m a coach who understands the importance of focus and accountability, so when I was stuck on the tech side of my business and couldn’t find the focus and drive to get things done, I turned to Katya.

Working with Katya was the best choice for me; she is the perfect blend of business guru, tech genius and inspiring accountability. Katya zeroed in on helping me get my message out in an authentic way, from fleshing out my message to getting the message copy on my website! She never let me stay stuck and always provided the steps, structure and individual support I needed to complete all those “tech tasks.”

There are a ton of resources out there – books, videos, courses – to explain technology and how to build an online business, but none of them put it all together the way Katya does. She makes it all make sense in the most fun and engaging way! I’m so excited about all the tech stuff, that I now see it all as beautiful resources instead of road blocks for my business.

Thank you for your awesomeness, Katya!

– Janet Ruiz, Holistic Lifestyle Coach at

“Katya Really Helped Me To Organize And Give Structure To My Thoughts”

Before my sessions with Katya, I felt a little bit all over the place. She really helped me to organize and give structure to my thoughts – helped ease me into a feeling of mental clarity. It was… refreshing! I love her coaching style, because she’s so personable, has an upbeat and direct, “to the point” personality, yet she’s also playful and fun. I feel Katya is wise well beyond her years, and I would definitely call on her for future coaching.


– Venus Aviv, Venus Aviv Wellness

“I Normally Go OCD With Building A Website But I Wanted To Feel Free With This One.”

Thank you for the advice, Katya. I normally go OCD with building a website but I wanted to feel free with this one, and not get bogged down. It seems like there’s so much pressure to have a big, lush, corporate-feeling website but that doesn’t fit where I am in business and it doesn’t fit the type of clients that I want to work with… Thank you so much for the encouragement and validation.


– Yanna Loam, C.Ht., Glorious Healing

“I Didn’t Realize That Not Having Control Was Bothering Me. I Thought I Was Just Overwhelmed.”

“I actually decided to start building my own site with wix and I’m sooooooo happy with it I can barely contain myself. I realized I was getting frustrated and depressed over my lack of control on my site. And my lack of understanding, because nothing for me was tangible. I ended up kind of inadvertently playing with wix and my mood instantly changed so I think it’s just what the dr ordered. Now I can change every little single tiny little thing thing whenever I want. And not only do I get instant gratification, I also don’t feel guilty for bothering anyone when I want the smallest of changes, like a shade of color.

You won’t believe how much better I felt once I started to do it myself. I didn’t realize that not having control was bothering me. I thought I was just overwhelmed, and that’s why I was confused, but actually, I was just underwhelmed. Meaning there was just not enough that I was actually doing, so I couldn’t grasp it.

As soon as I started building it myself, everything made sense and flowed beautifully. Plus I’m learning so much every single day about my business in general. And not only is my personal business evolving every single day, the actual sport my business is based on is evolving every single day. Just makes waaaaay more sense if I can change things instantly as I learn and grow. I’m suuuuuper happy.

Katya, All of your hard work is truly apparent. You are incredibly knowledgeable and amazingly resourceful with a remarkable knack for asking the right questions to get down to the bottom of your client’s precise needs. You are a godsend and simply amazing! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

- Kriston Leagh, Power Pole Sports