Grow Your List & Make More Sales With ConvertKit

So you’ve heard about ConvertKit - that super easy e-mail marketing tool that even the tech challenged can use. You're finally ready to speed up the growth and monetization of your list with no hassle.

ConvertKit seems like the cool new kid on the block, but ultimately, you want specifics of how it's going to help you in YOUR business.

Benefits of using ConvertKit:

  • Tagging - only send your audience content that's relevant to them by seeing what behaviors they're taking as they move across your funnels, read your e-mails, and buy your products. This decreases unsubscribes and increases your customers' happiness quotient.
  • Automation - Automating your e-mails really is a 1-2-3 process in convertkit. Create a sequence, tell ConvertKit how much time to leave between e-mails, press save. Choose who you want to send your newsletter to, write the e-mail, schedule it. 
  • Sequences - you can have as many lead magnets, opt-ins, content upgrades, email courses, sales funnels as your like - and it DOESN’T get messy.
  • Segmenting - You’ll know who's interested in your product during your launch and minimize unsubscribes or annoying people.
  • Higher inbox delivery - ConvertKit doesn't just let anyone use its system. It specializes in helping bloggers and small business owners and has an excellent relationship with Google and Hotmail and all the other tools that your customers are using to receive e-mails. AVOID THE SPAM BOX and land in your customer's inbox.
  • You only pay for subscribers one time - no matter how many segments and tags they're in - Other e-mail service providers count your clients and potential customers multiple times when they appear on different lists. With ConvertKit, you don't rack up extra monthly fees just because your potential customers love your stuff so much that they've subscribed to 12 different freebies!

I have to ask:

  • How many customers are you losing by not writing to your list effectively?
  • How many people are unsubscribing because you’re sending them information they don't want to receive?
  • How many issues have you had with your current email software?

But most importantly,

How much time have you or your VA spent trying to figure out your e-mail marketing? Don't you want your business to run smoothly with as little pulling out of hair as possible?

I know what that was like.

I like to call my pre-ConvertKit experience my peer pressure phase.

I was on Mailchimp because everyone was on it (unless you were on Confusionsoft). The e-mails looked nice (and had a lot of pretty features) but I hated how complicated it was to use.

Once I started to want to do more than send ONE email to one big list, it got SO MESSY, confusing + disorganized. 

It was difficult creating new automations, and then they changed the entire system and made it even worse because it botched my old funnels. I just stopped using it completely. I couldn't handle the overwhelm.

And I LOVE tech + systems. In fact, that's all what we do at Reach and Make Millions. Launches, funnels, systems, tech.

ConvertKit was the breath of fresh air that I needed. I've been making content upgrades for each of my blog posts and will continue to do so because the forms + sequences are so simple to set up.

And, in June 2016, ConvertKit reached out and asked me if I wanted to become the 5th ConvertKit Migration Certified Service Provider.

So if you’re ready to make the move and want COMPLETE support in the process, I’m ready to help.

If you’re wondering if ConvertKit is the right move for you, you can check out my detailed walkthrough and breakdown here.


Need Help Migrating Your List To ConvertKit?

No matter what platform you’re on - we'll painlessly move your ALL of your info.

This saves you from:

  • Spending a shitload of time trying to make sure everything was transferred correctly
  • Making crucial mistakes like accidentally deleting existing subscribers or funnels,
  • Interrupting current sequences
  • Sending repeat emails to subscribers
  • Annoying your list with mistakes during the move.

With my done for you migration, your list won't know the difference (until you’re sending them more amazing content after you’re done - because it’s so EASY to do).

Complete, Done for You ConvertKit Migration - $600


With this kickass package, I will:

  • Import up to 5,000 subscribers / contacts from prior email service provider
  • Import up to 20 lists as tags and segments
  • Integration of up to 5 forms on 1 website
  • Integration of up to 5 content upgrades on 1 blog website
  • Migration of up to 3 autoresponders / sequences
  • 1 Custom branded email template and unsubscribe link
  • Integration with SquareSpace, Wordpress, LeadPages, SumoMe, and more.
  • 1 week of follow-up email support
  • A video walkthrough of ConvertKit set up

PLUS you’ll get:

  • A recording of my 2-hour ConvertKit workshop
  • A recording of my "How To Design Your Email Template" video tutorial + HTML Template
  • (1) 30-minute session with me after migration to answer any questions you have

If you’re needing more than what’s included, please set up a chat by filling out this form and we'll be in touch to book you in for an appointment with Katya.

With my done for you service, you get complete clean up, organization, and ease.

And I don’t just set it and forget it.

I meet with you every month in a group strategy session to make sure you have a complete understanding of ConvertKit and how to use it at it's maximum potential.

So that then, you can focus on building your list, painlessly automate, and MONETIZE that baby!

Ready for ConvertKit but you wanna DIY your migration? That's cool.

I have a pretty sweet affiliate deal with ConvertKit as a Certified Migration Provider. SO, if you sign up either for your FREE 30-day trial or purchase right away, I’ve created two packages to make your transition painless.


FREE 30-day trial of convertkit

Sign up for your FREE 30-day trial with my affiliate link and stay with ConvertKit after the trial, I’ll hop on a 30-minute 1-on-1 call to walk you through it. PLUS, I’ll throw in MONTHLY group calls to help grow your list and use ConvertKit to make more sales (while working less).


Immediate ConvertKit Purchase + 30-minute 1-on-1 coaching call + monthly 1-on-1 group strategy Calls:

If you want to skip the trial and go straight to ConvertKit, you can sign up with my affiliate link below.

Once confirmed, you'll immediately get a 30-minute 1-on-1 session with me to pick my brain and ask me anything about ConvertKit. We can screenshare and I'll show you around ConvertKit, or I can go in and work on things myself.

PLUS, you'll be invited to MONTHLY group calls to help grow your list and use ConvertKit to make more sales (while working less).

Group call topics will include:

  • Setting up funnels
  • Creating Automations
  • Segmenting for maximum conversions
  • Tagging and using templates
  • List building