Your business is already successful as it is, and you know that to reach a new level of success (more money, more clients, more impact), you need the right systems that will help you achieve your business vision with ease.


The dream is to make more money while working less and to
Reach and Make Millions™

I know you’re reading Pat Flynn’s Passive Income Reports every month ;)

And I can help you make that happen.


You’re desperate to uplevel your business, so you have more time to focus on your zone of genius and working less on the daily admin crap (seriously, it’s tiring).

But what do you do? Where do you start? What systems and tech do you need? Most importantly, how do you start to work less but still make the same amount of money you’re making now or even more? And really - how do you do all this while still staying aligned and in integrity in your business?


It’s time to organize, upgrade, and get to the next level of your business.

I'll Take You From This...

  • Experiencing tech-overwhelm in every project and not getting anything accomplished until you fix the tech issue
  • Not having any systems or automation - and ending up having to do all this time-consuming work on your own
  • Having to do everything on your own - not knowing who's advice to listen to or not and feeling completely lost
  • Spending hours figuring out how to do things that you hate to do anyway - and not getting anything done
  • Feeling alone and discouraged
  • Thinking your website, branding, and message sucks
  • Not having an email list or newsletter - then hearing "the money is in the list!" and feeling crappy about yourself
  • Experiencing tech glitches during an important webinar
  • Feeling disorganized and stressed out
  • Not knowing where to start or what to do next

To This...

  • Having confidence in your tech-skills (or having a techie to watch your back and fix the tech for you)
  • Having systems that automatically do all the tedious work you're tired of doing
  • Relying on a coach and team member who has your back through anything and loves your business as much as you do
  • Spending hours doing the work you love, rather than the stuff you suck at and hate to do
  • Feeling connected, empowered, motivated, and excited
  • Loving your website, your branding, and your message
  • Having an email list that grows like crazy and a newsletter that your audience loves to read 
  • Not worrying about any tech-glitches while you teach
  • Feeling in control, organized, relaxed, and confident
  • Know exactly what to do now, next week & in the future

How To Work With Me


Do It Yourself

"Install the Kat chip into your brain" - Get personal mentorship and coaching from Katya Sarmiento to solve all your business problems and earn a consistent $5-10k/mo in your business.

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Starting at $4000/mo
Booked out for 2017

Do It With You

In-person VIP co-working weekend - Book an entire weekend with Katya to create your next 90 day launch strategies, sales funnels, and train you & your team on all the tech & systems.

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Investment is $10,000
Booked out for 2017 & 2018

Done For You

Have a Chief Tech Officer in your biz - Hire Katya & her team and never worry about the overwhelming tech parts of your biz again. We handle the tech while you coach your clients and work with ease.

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Starting at $7000/mo
Booked out for 2017


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