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Katya Sarmiento from
Reach and Make Millions
Podcast Bio

Today’s guest is Katya Sarmiento, who is one of the most sought after systems wizards in the online business space. She is known for helping leaders earning 6, 7, and 8 figures, scale up WITHOUT sacrificing their freedom or having their business blow up in their face.

She’s the founder of and the 7-Figure Freedom Accelerator, which provides support for 6-figure service-based businesses run by high-achieving CEOs, and teaches how to systemize & scale for more freedom, profit, and peace of mind. 

Alternate Bio:

You know how digital marketing agencies can't book more clients because they're already struggling to manage the ones they've got? Katya helps with that.

Her program, 7-Figure Freedom Accelerator (or 7FFA for short), helps business owners cut their workload in half by setting up clear systems and then hiring A-players to manage those systems & clients for them.

Katya support my clients until they’re completely removed from the day-to-day and their business is running profitably on autopilot. Normally 7FFA members start seeing results after the first quarter of working together.


How To Pronounce Katya's Name

Katya sarmiento - KAH-tyuh sarr-MYEN-toh


General + Contact Information

Email List + Social Media Audience: 24k+ (last updated January 2018)

Skype: KatSerenaRose




Facebook Biz Page:

Reach And Make Millions FB Group:

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Twitch TV:


Free Gift for Listeners & Attendees

MANIFESTO: From Freelancer to free-e-o, what it takes to scale

Type: A self-paced guide to scaling a digital marketing agency

Description: Most industry leaders have a dirty little secret they’re not sharing… because a lot of the time, the reality is embarrassing and not very marketable. They only want you to see the pretty pictures of their first-class travel adventures... the impressive screenshots of ads metrics & Stripe accounts... and the “I’m so successful even though I once only had $72 in my bank account” stories they know how to paint so well. Well in this Manifesto, I’m sharing the whole truth about why most agencies crash and burn.


Topic + Question Ideas


potential topics Of Discussion:

  • Scaling from 6 to 7-figures without working twice as hard

  • If you take a week off, your business takes a week off - and why this is detrimental to your business & life

  • Why marketing & lead generation doesn't matter if your business can't scale - and what to do about it

  • STOP working on the day-to-day tasks in your business and start being the leader you're meant to be

  • How to scale a business (this is different than growing a business) and what systems you should have

  • How to shift from "worker" mindset to "CEO" mindset in your business


Potential promo bullet points

  • What it means to scale your business (and why most entrepreneurs get this wrong)

  • The #1 metric you should be tracking to increase profit and ROI

  • Exactly what it takes to unchain yourself from your business and become a "Free-E-O"

  • How to build and structure your team for maximum efficiency 

  • What are the stages of scaling, and where should you start with systems?


potential interview questions to ask

PLEASE NOTE: Katya prefers a conversational interview that isn't super scripted or robotic. But we understand that some times we need some juice to fuel the conversation. Use these questions as a guideline vs an "I have to ask these questions in order" type of deal.

  1. How would a business owner know when they're ready to scale?

  2. What mistakes do you see 6 and 7 figure business owners making when it comes to scaling their business?

  3. Where do you see most people get stuck when it comes to setting up systems in their business?

  4. Why would someone want to make their business sellable? (What if they don't want to sell it?)

  5. What's the difference between "growth" and "scale" - and how do you know what you should be focused on?

  6. What's the difference between working "in" your business and working "on" your business? Can you give some examples?




Title Options (first word depends on the type of audience):

  • Freelancer to Free-E-O: What it takes to scale

  • Solopreneur to Free-E-O: What it takes to scale

  • Busypreneur to Free-E-O: What it takes to scale


The path to $80k months isn’t paved with “hustle”. You CAN take on 10, 20, even 50 more clients without doubling your workload. (Hint: It’s all about HOW you’re currently running & structuring your business). 

In this class, we’ll talk about… 

  • The 3 Freedoms Framework and how it impacts business growth (it’ll either stop you from growing or catapult you forward)

  • What to focus on in each phase of business so that you’re maximizing your time and seeing a return on your effort

  • How to take yourself out of the day-to-day working IN your business so that you can work ON your business as the visionary / creative that you are


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Featured In...




Agency Accelerator Fiji 2019 by Cat Howell (


Atlanta Entrepreneur Mastermind by Austin Distel (



Live Workshop in the Profit Pioneers Facebook Group by Jeremy Pope:

  • What it means to scale your business (and why most entrepreneurs get this wrong)

  • The #1 metric you should be tracking to increase profit and ROI

  • Exactly what it takes to unchain yourself from your business and become a "Free-E-O"

  • How to build and structure your team for maximum efficiency

  • What are the stages of scaling, and where should you start with systems

Live Interview in the Millennial Entrepreneur Community Facebook Group by Arne Giske:

“How to monetize your audience with a scalable group program so you don’t get burnt out as you keep growing!”

Live Interview for the Preeminence Unleashed Vault with Nic Peterson:

“Systematize And Scale -

How to reach and make millions by building a business that scales without you.

  • 3 steps to removing yourself from the tedius day-to-day tasks

  • How to hire your first *world class* employee or admin 

  • How to think of scale vs growth”

(For private client group)

Live Interview with Thinkific:

“Scaling your Business without Burning Out!”

(Also hosted on IG Live and Youtube)


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TELE SUMMITS (audio & video)


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