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Katya Sarmiento from
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Podcast Bio

Today’s guest is Katya Sarmiento. Katya runs her business, where she helps successful, high-achieving CEOs systemize & scale their online business for more freedom, profit, and peace of mind. 

Katya also started a bot education company that generated over 6-figures in revenue in the first 3 months of starting, and then went on to sell the company 5 months later. 

She's now on a mission to help hard working business owners create their own scalable and sellable businesses.


How To Pronounce Katya's Name

Katya sarmiento - KAH-tyuh sarr-MYEN-toh


General + Contact Information

Email List + Social Media Audience: 24k+ (last updated January 2018)

Skype: KatSerenaRose




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Free Gift for Listeners & Attendees

Build a funnel in 60 minutes or less

Type: A self-paced challenge in a FB Messenger bot. Opt-in required.

Description: A free challenge where I literally walk through step-by-step how to build a profitable funnel, what tools to use, give you plug and play done for you templates, and more! This is great for total beginners or seasoned pros looking to get a funnel up and running ASAP.



The 1 Thing That's Preventing You From Successfully Scaling To 7-Figures

Type: A 40 minute video with an offer for a free strategy session. No opt-in required.

Description: A video replay of a 40 minute workshop that Katya did live in Atlanta, GA. She shared her story of the biggest mistake she made that forced her to close down a 6-figure digital agency (something that, honestly, was completely avoidable), and the ONE thing entrepreneurs need to focus on to be able to scale to 7-figures smoothly (without the normal growth side effects) and build a lasting, sustainable business.



Systems At Sunset: Live

Type: A page with replays of past shows + a schedule of upcoming shows. Optional opt-in for weekly reminders through FB Messenger.

Description: A live show every week at sunset, join Katya in her living room to talk all things systems & scale. Get all the replays at the link plus see what topics & shows are coming up.



Topic + Question Ideas


potential topics Of Discussion:

  • Scaling from 6 to 7-figures without working twice as hard
  • If you take a week off, your business takes a week off - and why this is detrimental to your business & life
  • Why marketing & lead generation doesn't matter if your business can't scale - and what to do about it
  • STOP working on the day-to-day tasks in your business and start being the leader you're meant to be
  • How to scale a business (this is different than growing a business) and what systems you should have
  • How to shift from "worker" mindset to "CEO" mindset in your business

potential interview questions to ask

PLEASE NOTE: Katya prefers a conversational interview that isn't super scripted or robotic. But we understand that some times we need some juice to fuel the conversation. Use these questions as a guideline vs an "I have to ask these questions in order" type of deal.

  1. How would a business owner know when they're ready to scale?
  2. What mistakes do you see 6 and 7 figure business owners making when it comes to scaling their business?
  3. Where do you see most people get stuck when it comes to setting up systems in their business?
  4. Why would someone want to make their business sellable? (What if they don't want to sell it?)
  5. What's the difference between "growth" and "scale" - and how do you know what you should be focused on?
  6. What's the difference between working "in" your business and working "on" your business? Can you give some examples?



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