Dear Holistic Entrepreneur,

Do you wish you could start creating clients and earning money — but have been spending more time on your website than anything else?

Is updating your website a frustrating chore, now that your web developer is nowhere to be found?

Do you secretly wish you could take control of the technology—but you’re afraid that it won’t work or it will take up too much of your time and energy?

Are you working as hard as you can to figure out all of this technology and systems stuff — but it’s just making you more and more confused and overwhelmed?

Right now, you may be saying to yourself…

  • About Creating Clients… “I can’t get clients until I have a website!” or “My website is 2 years old and has never generated any referrals or money. And it no longer represents all that I do.” Or even “I have clients now, but I’m SUPER burned out. I don’t have any systems or automation in place! I’m tired of going back and forth through email just to schedule a free call (and then not enrolling any new clients).”
  • About Hiring A Web Developer… “I’ve been working with a web developer for over a year now and he just ditched me… In the middle of a launch!!”
  • About Learning WordPress… “I’ve spent six months trying to figure out my WordPress website and I still haven’t gotten anything done.” or “Part of the problem is everyone recommends wordpress but I find it overwhelming.”
  • About Wasting Time… “I have spent more hours trying to set up the technology than working on the actual business!!!”
  • About Launching Your Business… “I need clarity and direction. I just need guidance on the systems and technology. I need a clear path and action steps — I don’t know what to do next or how to build my business. I’m not afraid of technology – I know it’s possible, but I haven’t been able to chunk the process down small enough into doable tasks. ”
  • About Finding A Coach… “I need someone who actually understands my business and the way coaching works to help me get my new website launched.”

I get it. As Holistic Entrepreneurs, we love the art of coaching clients… But when it comes to the science of making technology work, it gets challenging. I’ve been there. It can get pretty frustrating having so much passion and no way to share it.

The truth is…

You have the skills, the gift, the talent, the passion, the desire, the motivation, the ambition, the drive, and the potential to create transformative results in your client’s lives! You have everything you need right now to build a successful, thriving online business.

And you don't need to figure out all this tech stuff on your own.


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My name is Katya Sarmiento, and I show ambitious Holistic Entrepreneurs and Coaches how to reach and make millions online.

I teach simple ways to create a website and set up systems that save time, money, and energy – so that you can focus on creating more clients and earning more money.

I am on a mission to empower Holistic Entrepreneurs
to take control of technology, build a thriving online business, and make a bigger impact (and bigger income). 

It’s not a dream. It can be your reality.

You have come to this website because something in you is ready for this. Now…

  • Imagine having a website that draws clients in, excites them to sign up for your newsletter, entices them into working with you, and makes it easy for them to do all of the above.
  • Imagine having an automated and scalable website that works while you sleep and grows with you and your business.
  • Imagine being able to know exactly how to update and change anything on your website – QUICKLY and EASILY – without having to waste any time or money.
  • Imagine getting an awesome program idea and being able to set up a sales page, email autoresponders, and marketing in just a few hours!
  • Imagine being able to focus solely on working with more clients because you have the systems working for you… And being 100% confident that they are working seamlessly.
  • Imagine having a clear path to take, and having the support and accountability to take it. Imagine knowing exactly what to do at every step of your business – and having that fire under your butt to actually make it happen (yes, even those bold money + client goals)!


You can make this into your reality too.

  • No more feeling stuck or lost in your business.
  • No more wondering if your website and systems will work properly when it comes time to launch (and ask for payments).
  • No more feeling “tech-overwhelm” and “tech-dread” as you sit down to work on and grow your business.

It all starts when you make a decision.

The first step is to download my free report…

“The Systems and Tools You Must Have In Your
Online Coaching Business to Be Successful.”


This has taken me over two years to create, implement, and refine… I made it so that you and I could spend more time doing what we love – transforming lives through coaching.

Inside, you’ll learn…

  • The exact systems and tools you’ll need for starting an online coaching business – WITHOUT spending tons of money on monthly bills (and you’re probably paying a lot right now for tools and features you don’t even use!)
  • Where to start and what to avoid (like seriously, there are BILLIONS of tools and apps on the internet — let’s narrow it down a bit, shall we?)
  • And how to use all of these tools and resources to be more efficient and effective in your business… Which in the end saves you a lot of time and energy.

PLUS, you’ll receive my Technology Systems Toolkit to help you put the report into action. This will include a checklist, links to all the tools given, and a few extra surprises 

Say goodbye to tech-overwhelm and procrastination in your business – you’ll be up and running online, coaching, and earning money in no time!


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To your success.

Much love,

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