Do you want to double your clients & cashflow without doubling your workload?

Hey, Katya here - Business Consultant & Systems Strategist.

I'm in the process of doing research for a writing project specifically for online service-based businesses and agencies making $20-30k/mo that want to systemize & scale their business up to $80k/mo (7-figures).

I would like to ask you 4 quick questions. Shouldn't take more than two minutes of your time.

In this research, I have found a crucial mistake that keeps business owners stuck in the cycle of prospecting, serving clients, and working so hard / so much in the business... but never really getting everything in their to do list checked off - which results in limited cash flow and clients (there's only so much time in the day right?).

But before I tell you about that, I was hoping to ask you a few quick questions -- as I have noticed that most of the business owners I talk to want to scale their business and make more money, but just don't have the time, space or energy bandwidth for more clients or work.

In return for answering the questions below, I would also be happy to share with you some resources that I've found in my research so far that relate to your answers.

I have come across a few resources that I've been able to tweak slightly to really work well for me (which means it'll probably work for you too).

Anyway. Here's the quick questions...

Please tell me as many as possible. I'd really like to understand what your worries are.
Mine's to have 6-figure months while still having the time & freedom to do what I want (AKA not worrying so much about the day-to-day or checking off a to do list... being able to show up in my zone of genius and enjoy my life in the process).
A magic pill would be great, but unfortunately that doesn’t exist. So what’s on your wishlist if someone, maybe me, could create the perfect solution “just for you”?
[OPTIONAL] Would you mind if I contacted you on the phone at a time that’s convenient for you? It would mean a lot to me and I’d be happy to send you a Starbucks gift care as a further “thank you”. Not required, but I’d love to chat if you’re interested. *
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