• You work long hours the majority of the days, including weekends.
  • You can’t take a vacation or time off. If you try, the business will fall apart without you.
  • You feel frustrated with your current team’s performance (or don’t even have a team yet)
  • You feel overwhelmed and scattered with what the next steps are for your business growth
  • You can’t market your business because you can’t take on anymore clients
  • You have zero time to work on your visibility and audience growth because you’re fulfilling work all the time
  • Your to do list is massive and no matter how much work you do, it gets longer and longer
  • You get a lot of ideas but have zero time to implement them
  • You start a lot of projects but don’t finish them
  • You’ve tried to use a project management system but it doesn’t seem to work out
  • You spend more time fixing your team’s mistakes than working on the business. Or if you don’t have a team, it’s because it’s just easier to do things yourself than to train someone else.
  • You try to step away from the business but keep getting pulled back into the day-to-day
  • You’re feeling exhausted, maybe even fatigued, and your health is being affected
  • You’re starting to resent your business and clients a bit because you feel trapped and at the mercy of other’s needs.
  • You’ve been stuck at this revenue ceiling for a while now and can’t seem to break through

Your Score:


You’re The FREE-E-O! Congrats! You’ve fully stepped into the role of CEO and you’re kicking ass. You’ll need a custom solution if you’re still having problems with team & systems.


You’re almost there! As The Manager, you’re doing a good job keeping things afloat but probably need a few more tweaks to get yourself out of the day-to-day and into the Visionary / CEO role.


You’ve got a bit of work to do. You’re probably The Freelancer, The Manager, or somewhere in between. It’s tough right now, but keep holding on. Read through this manifesto and get to work on building your systems & team!!