If you're looking to get rid of your tech-headaches...
You're in the right place.

Here at ReachAndMakeMillions, we provide done-for-you tech services for entrepreneurs that want to make more money while working less.

We'll take the tech off your plate so you can focus on building your online empire while actually enjoying your personal life... 'cause that's why you started your business in the first place, right? 


Let Us Take This Off Your To-Do List...


save time with systems

Discover what tools you need to make your business more efficient (and set them up without crying).


upgrade your website

Get higher conversion rates (more raving fans) with simple tweaks to your site.


Build Sales Funnels That Sell

Increase your profit & create multiple income streams - that run on their own.


market your biz like a pro

Stop doing it all on your own. Let us handle the tech set up so you can get out there and focus on making that $$$


I Spent $116,361.76 And Failed Many Times Before I Figured Out How To Run A Successful Online Business

If you’re like my clients & readers, you’re an ambitious, high-achieving entrepreneur or coach.

You're committed to changing the world because your message helps SO many who need it - and you're quickly becoming an influencer in your field.

You started this business to help people - and to create more of a life you love. Having the income that allows you time to focus the things that fill you up - yoga classes, coaching retreats and conferences, traveling the world, buying items and experiences that feel good to you, and spending time with the people who matter the most.

But something's just NOT WORKING: there seems to be too much to do and not enough time. The programs you're supposed to use to get your content into the world are cumbersome and confusing. The ideas you've executed aren't converting at a scale that gives you breathing room (whether your goal is 6 and 7-figures, passive income, or both and more).

You deeply desire that this business works for you - and you know getting better and online marketing and tech stuff will help you do it. But why does it feel so hard? 


Maybe you feel like this reader:

What am I doing wrong? My website drives me crazy - I bought a new Wordpress theme and I can’t get anything to work. It looks ridiculous. Plus, I have a bunch of sales funnels in Active Campaign and it’s extremely messy and disorganized. I just want to keep building my list more. I also created a course but I have no idea what membership platform has what I need, especially affiliate management. I’ve worked on this for two weeks straight every day and into the evening / early morning hours, watching tutorials and trying - but I can’t manage anymore. I want to rip my hair out and scream at the top of my lungs. Having a tech meltdown. Where do I start? What do I do? Help!!!


IF SO, YOU’RE NOT ALONE. And There's A Way Out (I Swear) 

Does This Sound Like You? Be Honest:

  • You have consistent clients and income, but have no time to do fun stuff like travel or be with family & friends...and 8 hours of sleep? What's that?
  • You feel exhausted by your endless and multiplying to-do list and just want to take a vacation (or three)
  • You work your ass off each day end up wondering what you even got done - tweaking your website or sales copy to perfection, but not making any visible progress in readers or sales
  • You're at a plateau in your business - same amount of clients and income each month -you want to start scaling up, doing more, playing bigger, and seeing results
  • You crave more from your business and life - and no matter how much you do, you've started to wonder if you'll ever get there
  • You wish you had someone to guide you along the way, step by step, through all tech-meltdowns and help bring to life all the ideas you want to create and share with the world?


You're in the right place :)

My name is Katya Sarmiento. I'm the founder of ReachAndMakeMillions.com and the creator of Accomplish Anything Academy. I started freelance web design business over 9 years go and have been coaching and consulting for the past 4.

Trust me when I say - I've done everything you can in online business. I've taken all the programs, read all the books, failed in every way from losing money, clients, friends, time, and nearly everything I had that I cared about (that's a story for another time).

There was a period in my life where I locked myself up in my office and worked 24/7 - determined to make my business successful.

On the outside I was an online business success story:

  • I quit my full-time job and exceeded the income I was making there within 90 days.
  • I ran webinars and livestream events with super-engaged audiences that gained tons of followers and viewers
  • I was seen as the "expert" in multiple Facebook groups and was tagged in questions often
  • I ran Facebook ads that converted strangers into thousand dollar coaching programs
  • I had authentic branding and a beautiful website to match
  • My inbox was full of emails and sales calls being booked each and every day.
  • I converted those sales calls 80% of the time (with the 20% being people I turned down from not being the right fit).

All of that sounds great, right?. Probably like other “make 6-figures” coaches you've heard from? 

My online business success was killing me.

I was constantly overwhelmed and stressed. I gained weight, spent less time with my boyfriend and family, and got burned out and very sick - to the point where I couldn't get out of bed in the morning (I even kept working on my laptop from bed - I was obsessed).

That's when I realized...

Making money from our business means nothing if we don't have the time or energy to enjoy it.

That's why I need to ask...
What does "Reaching And Making Millions" mean to you?

Does it literally mean reaching 1,000,000 people and making $1,000,000 - but feeling entirely drained, doing soul-sucking, unfulfilling work and not having time to live your life?

Or does it mean maybe having more time to spend with your significant other, experiencing new cultures around the world, or even just having one client you work with that shifts their life into an entirely new direction?

I'm not a guru. I'm not an expert. Honestly, I know NOTHING, except one thing:

I know how I want to live my life and I know that "reaching millions" means connecting with people I admire or that I can impact. And "making millions" means making money that FULFILLS me and fills my soul up with passion and purpose - no matter the dollar amount.


SO IF YOU're here because you want to help people, live a rich life, and run your business at maximum Efficiency, you're in the right place.


You'll like what I have to say if you know that we're all learning and growing at our own pace, and we all have to do the work it takes to reach our goals. And it's going to take A LOT of work to be able to reach that point where we're making more money and working less for it.

What I promise to give you is my knowledge, my experience, and my passion (people call me a tech nerd/queen/goddess or just "Kat Magic"), to show you exactly how to Reach And Make Millions - whatever that looks like to you.

So if you're ready to take the first step, sign up below and check out what some other amazing online entrepreneurs have achieved in their business while being a part of my world :)


Katya's clients have gone from hard work and good results,
to SMART, LEVERAGED work and INCREDIBLE results.

see for yourself...

I grew my list by 3,000, launched a tele summit, created multiple passive income projects, and MORE - all while traveling the US and working a full time Job.

Jeanine Staples of www.jeaninestaples.com

Jeanine Staples of www.jeaninestaples.com

Before working with Katya, I had no list, no idea how to build one, and no idea how to choose or manage technologies required to create an online presence and get clients. I knew I needed to work with someone who is an excellent professional AND a kind person. When I realized her unique combination of being an online business manager, tech expert, and business coach, I was in. No Brainer.

Within 4 months of working with Katya, I’ve managed to run a 28-day tele summit, build my email list from 0 to 3000, create multiple sales funnels for passive income products, write and schedule blogs up to 6 months in advance, create and set up a tele workshop series, video series, a podcast, and launch a pre-order product bundle of my upcoming book!

Pretty much all of my ideas have come to life, while I’ve traveled the US speaking and working at my full-time job. The best part is, once the work is done this year, Katya has set everything to automatically run next year for me so I don’t have to do the work. I just show up, engage my audience, and coach! I wouldn’t have been able to get this done without Kat by my side.



Michael Cinquino of MichaelCinquino.tv

These tools have enabled me to do what I love....COACH and have a greater reach! I hadn't had a new sign up in nearly a year prior to working with Katya. Now, my online programs keep growing and expanding with each season.

Tori Summers of www.you-by-design.com

Tori Summers of www.you-by-design.com

With the flow of capturing emails to build my list, drip campaigns, and driving traffic to my website via blog posts and links to all my social media - my list is FINALLY growing! Now I'm proud to send people to my website and I love waking up to new enrollments in my programs because it's so user friendly for my clients (and automated for me).

With the tools I've learned and the programs I've learned to use, I have my confidence back regarding technology. I was feeling very dated and out of it regarding the back end of web commerce. With the knowledge I've learned, I feel so much more confident and in control of my business. These tools have enabled me to do what I love....COACH and have a greater reach!


You don’t have to choose between success in your business, and success in your personal life.


You don’t have to continue to feel overwhelmed. You can reach your potential in all areas of your life - and it starts with having the right strategy, the right action, and the right tools and team to support you.

I'd love to help you navigate the challenges of scaling your business by using technology and systems to leverage your time and money.

Start by seeing if you have all your bases covered in business with my 22-page ebook guide: "The 10 Systems & Tools You Need In Your Online Coaching Business To Be Successful" which also includes a checklist and tech toolkit. Subscribe to my email newsletter below and I'll send you a free copy of this book (and the bonuses).