It sounded like a dream scenario…

“I went from 0 to $18k in 5 weeks... so now I just want to continue delivering to clients and not let them down, and continue to grow my revenue”

But what happens when you grow before you’re ready?

When you have too many clients and nobody to help you serve them?

What happens if you don’t get the support you need?

Burnout, overwhelm, drowning. That’s what. Basically it’s the real life version of that meme with the dog just chilin’ while the room is on fire around him. “This is fine!” No it’s not, pupperoo.


And yeah, we’ve all heard the word “burnout,” but what does that look like?

  • Being chained to your laptop for 16 hours at a time

  • Feeling like you literally only exist for your business

  • Not being able to turn your brain off when it’s time to go to sleep or relax

  • Going for months without taking a day off or years without taking a vacation

  • No time for family, hobbies, friends… 7 days a week are eaten up by your business

  • Getting sick and not being able to recover because your body is just 1000% done

  • Missing out on priceless time with your family in the name of “success” or “hustle”

I’m not proud to admit it, but this has been me in the past. I know what it’s like.

A few years ago, my family held a big reunion to honor my great aunt.

She was turning 90 and she had cancer. We knew it would probably be the last time we’d have the chance to all be together. Relatives flew from all different states to celebrate her big milestone. They spent money on plane tickets and gas and food for us to share.

And there I was in the corner the whole time, on my laptop.

I didn’t want to tell you this story, because I’m ashamed.

Who wants to be the person who can’t stop working for a second to be with their family?

Who wants to be the person who’s so dedicated to “the hustle” that they can’t look their dying relative in the eye for more than two minutes without needing to “just check one more thing” on one screen or another?

Messy desk, food getting cold in front of me, finishing just “this one last thing” and ignoring the people around me…and I wasn’t kidding about the unwashed hair in a bun 😬

Messy desk, food getting cold in front of me, finishing just “this one last thing” and ignoring the people around me…and I wasn’t kidding about the unwashed hair in a bun 😬

I felt like I had no choice.

I felt like I had to keep working, or else my clients would be angry. Something would be missed. Something would break. I had to be responsible. I had to make sure my clients were happy, no matter the cost.

Cancer claimed her life soon after that.

But not before my entire extended family saw me in all of my “glory,” unwashed hair in a bun, glued to my computer, ignoring everybody for hours, not eating or drinking anything, torturing myself and existing only for the sake of my business… barely existing as a human being.

And for what? 6-figures of revenue?

Earning $20-30k/mo but working 24/7?

Trying to scale my business, but failing over and over again?

Some of my family might have lost respect for me that day.

(And I don’t blame them. Looking back, I wouldn’t have respected me.)

That’s the kind of thing that happens when we take on too much.

That’s what happens when we get sucked into the dream of “entrepreneurship” but we don’t have our foundations in place so we can scale the RIGHT way.

That’s what happens when we watch a bunch of videos with guys posing in front of their mansions with palm trees and their shiny new sports cars and we think, “hell, I’m smart, I can figure out how to do that…” but then we only take courses on how to market ourselves better and focus on getting more leads, MORE LEADS, without creating a way for us to serve all those clients at scale.

We let our lives get sucked into our businesses. We get sucked into client work. We start answering to other people, building their businesses instead of building our own business.

We start to get bitter, angry, resentful. We start to become someone we don’t want to be.

Sure, we might be making money in the short term, but it’s costing us everything.

  • You might have tried to hire people and not had it work out. You feel like you’re the only one who can do things the right way for your clients, and you’re scared to let them down.

  • And you might be terrified to market yourself because you know that if you have more work, your calendar will eat you alive. You’ll pretty much die… or want to.

  • You know you want to increase your revenue and serve more people, and you know you can’t keep going down this self-destructive path. You need a different way forward.


That’s why I built the 7-Figure Freedom Accelerator.
(...7FFA for short! 😉)

Because I’m on a mission to end burnout for online business owners.


You cannot grow or scale your business by following someone else’s path… That’s why this isn’t another course or program or cookie cutter “step-by-step” system.

7FFA is a badass community of weirdos and freedom generators.

Where you can tell us your goals and we’ll help you get there in the simplest, quickest, most efficient way possible, so that you don’t have to work 24/7 and sacrifice your free time to do so.

7FFA is a community of leaders who share a vision of a business that fuels their lives... not the other way around. (Most of us have tried that. No thanks.)

It’s a group of people dedicated to FREEDOM.

Money Freedom

Being able to generate whatever amount of money you truly want, at will. You’re not worried about running out of money, it’s always there. It’s an effortless experience. Because you’re already great at marketing & sales, you just need the structure to grow.


Time Freedom

Being able to take vacations, take free days off, just chill out and hang with your family or friends. Having hours and hours every day where you don’t have anything solid scheduled and you can take advantage of inspiration and do fun, cool things.


Creative Freedom

Being on purpose and in flow, and loving the work you’re doing in your business. Being able to play and grow outside of your business. Being able to create, just for fun and pure joy. Spending hours learning a hobby or learning a new skill, just for the hell of it.

The path to freedom lies in your ability to scale your business.

And we can help you with that :)

We’re proud to say we have a 92% success rate in 7FFA

(meaning our clients have either sold, scaled, or systemized their business with our help)

83% of our members choose to stay in 7FFA, even after hitting their goals.

(because again, it’s more than just making money… it’s about enjoying the process, having fun, and being surrounded by amazing leaders and visionaries just like yourself)

>> CLICK HERE to Check out our members’ stories <<

If you…

  • Are at capacity and feel like you’re about to crash and burn

  • Are starting to resent your business, your clients, and your workload

  • Feel like you have no time or freedom for yourself

  • Want to learn how to scale and make more money, but don’t have the bandwidth to make it happen

I want you to know that this does NOT need to continue happening, and there IS a way out.

We built 7FFA just for you… to help you out of burn out, sacrifice, and the never ending feast or famine cycle… so you can double your profit and build a sustainable business that works FOR you.


7FFA will...

  • Help you generate consistent, predictable, and sustainable revenue… So that you’re not required to show up and slave away at your laptop all day for your business to make money and continue growing.

  • Help keep your motivation up and procrastination down… Because in order to build something that we care about and that gives us freedom, we need to quit thinking about it, and actually DO IT.

  • Connect you with other smart cookies like you… We can’t do our best work in isolation. We all need help from others who understand us and who are like us. And if you curse like a sailor, enjoy stuffing your face with good food, and can drop a solid perv joke at the right moment - we shall welcome you with open arms.

  • Help you produce actual results in your business… Because we value strategic action over “more stuff” to consume.

  • Help you build a business that works hard for you… Because those days of “hustle” and “grind” are what got you to where you are. Now, you need a different strategy of working smarter, not harder.

  • Help you level up your ability to operate at your highest level, both in life and business… Because we care about your personal life just as much as the business we’re helping you scale.

With a mix of templates, live group calls, 1:1 accountability, coworking & planning sessions - you’ll be supported all the way.


What does 7FFA cost?

First of all, we don’t see 7FFA as a cost…


We see it as an investment in yourself and your business.


It’s about expecting to earn back multiples of your investment (ROI) when you consistently show up and do the work. And we’re here to help you every step of the way.

We charge $2k for the first month and then $1k/mo after that. No contract. No impossible cancellation process.

We don’t believe in forcing people to join 7FFA or pressuring members to stay.

Our members join and stay for a long time because they want to. Because they find value in the community and the content we provide.

The members who have left 7FFA, left because they either sold their business or accomplished what they set out to do when they first joined 7FFA. And we LOVE that. We encourage that.

And the members who have stayed in 7FFA are continuing to scale, continuing to tap into this amazing community, and are in it to build assets that generate freedom, impact, and revenue.

Our intention for you as a 7FFA member is to completely remove you from the day-to-day of your business, so that if you disappear for 90 days, your business would keep running itself and actually would keep growing with your clients continuing to get stellar results. It’s all systemized and not depending on you having to do extra work.

What you’ll accomplish inside of 7FFA will be determined by your resilience and commitment to playing the long game. We’re committed to help you, but we expect your commitment to showing up as well.

That’s why we screen each and every person who has chosen to join us.

It doesn’t matter how much money you’re making, how “famous” you are in the industry, how fancy or chaotic your website or systems are…

We want to make sure you’re a good fit for our family <3

We want to make sure you’re weird, like us, and are ready to streamline and simplify your business.

So feel free to apply at the link below.

If you’re accepted, we’ll send you instructions on how to secure your membership.

If you’re not accepted, we’ll let you know why, and we’ll part ways as friends :)

New applications can be submitted once every 3 months.


Do you qualify?

Submit an application if…

  • You’re making an average of $20k/mo or more

  • You’re confident in your marketing & sales ability

  • You’re open and willing to hiring team members (even if you never have before)

  • You have big goals for business, but even bigger goals for your lifestyle (travel, family, hobbies, relaxation, etc)

  • You’re coachable and open to trying new systems that will streamline & simplify your business

Do not apply if you…

  • You’re just starting out and haven’t made money yet

  • You’re still figuring out lead generation and sales

  • You’re not open and willing to hiring new team members and want to stay solo

  • You want to “hustle & grind” and neglect your lifestyle and personal / social life

  • You’re committed to chaos, doing work for the sake of “busy”, and aren’t open to simplifying your business


Just a quick warning before you apply -

And pinky promise, this is not a scarcity play (we hate fake pressure tactics).

We’ve had large memberships in the past and while it was fun helping that many people… It’s not what we want to create here.

We want to know every single person in 7FFA. Because we can’t help you if we don’t know you, your business, and the challenges you’re facing.

Therefore, our max capacity is 20 members at a time.

Yup, we’re not scaling this one (we have other revenue streams for that ;) )

And this is also why we have a thorough application process.

So that we can ensure the 20 people that join are the people we can serve in the best way possible.

There needs to be a certain “can-do” mindset and culture fit that’s in line with what we’re building.

If that’s you, then we welcome you to apply below :)

It’s your choice…


→ “I’m in!! This is what I’ve been looking for. I know I can do this. How do I join?”

Awesome! It’s simple and we’ll walk you through the process…

First step: fill out an application.

7FFA is currently capped at 20 members, so unfortunately we cannot accept all who apply. After the application there’s an interview process to make sure you qualify and that we can actually support you in 7FFA.

Give it your all and you may get approved to join :)


→ “This sounds amazing, but I’m still not sure this is possible for me…”

That’s totally understandable. Lucky for you, we’ve collected real, live case studies and stories from our current and alumni 7FFA members for you to stalk watch and learn from.

We’ve also created a guide for you that explains our framework a little more in depth.

You can read it (no strings attached) and apply what you learn right away, then come back to us later when you want some support.